Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bedding Bargains

I am always looking for a bargain...
aren't you?!

I stopped by Ross the other day and spotted some Laura Ashley sheets. These were a great score as I have been looking for sheets to go with the new quilt that I got at Wal-Mart...

Yes...I said Wal-Mart.

Why not check out the the new Better Homes and Gardens line at Wal-Mart. They have some pretty nice stuff. The curtains are even lined, and that makes a big difference. I got these "silk taffeta" polyester lined panels there.

I plan on making the easiest roman shades ever, and it is NO SEW! *not. one. stitch* It will be for my bathroom {that is what started this green and pink quest}. I will post the tutorial and pics of the finished project, as soon as I get them made...

It may not be too soon...

You could just get something basic and then add embellishments to get a higher end look. Once you have done that, most people won't know where you bought it... so why would you want to pay more than necessary?

These king sheets are too big for the queen pillows so I wrapped a rubber band around the end... remember when everyone was doing that with their curtains? To dress it up a bit I used a decoration that I actually make for my Hershey's candles.

I may have a few left on my website...maybe.

All the goodness of
and none of the calories

Looks very inviting...


...Now it is all rumpled up,
like someone just took a nap ;)


I'll show you the bathroom window treatment
as soon as I get it done...


You can shop at Walmart
and never leave home!!!
No more having to actually go to the store...ugh!
Just click on the link on the left hand side bar :)


Sharon said...

I love those colors and think I will also go in that direction. I enjoyed reading your other posts. You are off to a good start and I will check back often.

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Connie said...

Oh, yeah, those are exactly like the ones in my living room, honey. I guess I didn't go far enough. But where did you get the pretty fabric you have gathered together? You are so right though about no one knowing where you got it "on the cheap" because I do that all the time and it looks just fabulous, IMHO! Great job with the bedroom. I'm goingto have to take the time and go back further and look at all your crafty ideas, sweetpea. Maybe afternoon when I clean this filthy house!

Ooooh, and all the pastries are faux of course.


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