Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kinda looks like a TORNADO! (for real)

I was out looking for a faucet and light fixture and when I walked out of Home Depot this is what I saw.

Not sure what to think about it.

I have been freaked out about TORNADOES ever since we move to Texas five years ago. Spent the first two years gathering up all the animals and sitting in the bathtub every time we got a tornado warning.

That meant I had two Poms (one was blind and one was deaf), a 14 year old cat, and two Cockatiels in a large cage...all in a hot, muggy bathroom.

Of course we have air conditioning... but with two panting dogs (with bad breath), a restless moaning cat, and a smelly birdcage... even the air conditioner didn't help.

Did I mention that as soon as the
barometric pressure changes

I really don't need all those sirens blaring
or the pesky phone calls from the city...
I pretty much know before them.

Yes...I am in the tub, with the dogs,
and pillows, AND a migraine!

Well... by the time a got home (5 min.), I totally forgot about that weird cloud... after all I have treasures to unload.

I had shopped at Ross... Yes, I know that Ross is not nearly as cool as the other "cheapie" stores, but mine is not really so bad, well not too bad). I got a fabulous set of Laura Ashley king size sheets for under 30.00, and a sumptuous sage king size blanket for under 20.00.

Anyway... I never got the migraine so...
I guess that cloud was just that
...a cloud.


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