Bunny Hop Wednesday

The Bunny Hop will be on leave until further notice.

The Bunny Hop is now 
open to EVERYONE!

If you are looking for the current Wednesday's party then go here.

The weekly linky is up and running on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time.

All Ablout The Bunny Hop...
and how to take a button.

At one time it was just for new bloggers 
but as many of my blogging buddies have surpassed the 
500 followers threshold I am now opening it up to the everyone.

This is a party to share anything home and family  related.
DYI projects, decorating, recipes, organization.
Just about anything that is PG rated. 

You may want to "follow" me (not required) so that you 
will see the party reminder in your reader.

You do however have to display the
Bunny Hop Party Button
somewhere in your featured post.

I would LOVE of you also 
displayed it somewhere on your sidebar!

How to get the code.
(if you have a Google blogspot blog)

Just highlight the Bunny "code" below,
then right click to copy.
Be sure to scroll down to get the complete code)

Then go to your dashboard... and then click on "design".  
Now click on the "get gadget" button on you side bar.

When the google gadget page comes up,
 just scroll down to the HTML gadget. 

Put the copied code in the white box and don't forget
to fill in the title and other information.

After you click "save" it will show up on your side bar.
Then "grab" it and move to where you want it on your sidebar.

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