Friday, August 7, 2009

Faux "Ice Cream Sundae"

Looks good enough to eat!

Yes... it does look good enough to eat...but this "ice cream sundae" has no calories because it is not real! In fact it is made out of building materials and will last indefinitely.
Well... I'm off to the kitchen to make a real sundae. Low fat vanilla ice cream, Hostess 100 calories chocolate covered mini cupcakes...and of course... chocolate syrup!
Not anywhere as pretty, but definitely better tasting.
I know...I'm on a diet...isn't everybody?!


Sharon said...

Wow! That sundae is absolutly beautiful and is so real looking! I took a look at your website and fell in LOVE with the brownies. Also,the little girl's tutu costumes are SO adorable. You will see your inventory going down fast.;)

Anonymous said...

Did you make this icecream sundae? It's so cute! I just received 2 of these glasses and was thinking of something to do with them. Way cute!!!

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