Monday, July 1, 2013

Triple digit weather!

I told you I would be back in July.

I have missed all of you! 
Even though I admit to lurking around at times, 
I still have a good bit of catching up to do.

Summer is the time I spend the most time indoors. 
Not because I like to, but out of necessity! 
Read on to see why.

Saturday was 122 degrees in Palm Springs... 
but 'only' 121 degrees down the road in my city. 
The overnight 'low' was 90 degrees. 

On top of that we actually have some 
humidity happening (44% in the morning) 
with some hazy clouds all day, ugh!

Yes... the heat is on!

 The record here for July was 125 degrees on July 28, 1995.
The highest August temperature recorded was 
123 degrees on Aug. 1, 1993.

After last year's heat AND unusual humidity 
I had planned to leave and head for the hills during 
July, August and maybe September.

We'll see how that goes......

In the meantime I will spend my days doing some  interior projects 
and sharing what I have been up to 
for  the last six months.

Bunny Jean


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Looking forward to seeing what you have been up too! I can't even imagine that kind of heat. I am dying here and we are just in the 90's! Of course--we don't have any air conditioning. :(

Always Nesting said...


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