Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Raggedy Ann and Andy Fourth

This family of rag dolls come to visit me every year. This year they are perched on top of my hutch in the dining room.

That little maple bench is one that my father made over 50 years ago. It matches the pine finish on the hutch moulding.

The pine finish will soon be updated to a much darker Cherry finish to match the entertainment cabinet. In fact, so will the dining room table top and coffee table top.

This flag belonged to my husband's uncle.
It is old and has only 48 stars. 
I think it may be made out of wool.

There are more Fourth of July posts from last year. Just click on the pictures on the sidebar to view them. 

I hope you all have a wonderful 
4th of July and stay safe!

Bunny Jean


Sarah said...

Bunny Jean, glad to see you back posting. I've missed you and wondered how you were. Hope life is good!
Thanks for sharing your patriotic rag dolls. I have a few who hang out here too. Last year on the 4th they had a tea party on the front porch. ;-)
Happy 4th of July! ~ sarah

Always Nesting said...

You have the cutest Fourth of July decorations. We got a new outdoor flag this year to replace an old, beat up one but that's all we did for the house.

I can't even imagine your heat after living in Oregon these last few years. When we move back to CA we will have to get used to it again.

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