Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #30 ~ A Giveaway!

The Bunny Hop Party is happening...
even with this Big Black Eye! 

I'm no sissy ... 
Apparently I can type with just one eye... 
and one hand tied behind my back!

If you missed how I got this BIG black eye 
that is now totally swollen shut...
then go read about it here

But what I really want to share is a great giveaway.
Some of you may already know that my daughter 
has just started selling Scentsy.

To give her a little boost I want to give away 
gift certificate for 25.00. 

Now If you are unfamiliar with Scentsy, then you are in for a treat.
It has the BEST smelling and MOST attractive way to freshen your home. 
Without dangerous flames and all that sooty residue

Scentsy melts wax in the most charming electric pots 
that are between 5 and 6 inches tall. 
That's about the size of a Bell canning jar!

This is the one I ordered. You all know I love birds!
But there are so many more that will beautify any decor.
And so many YUMMY scents... Over 80 of them!

This is the next one I will be getting!

Oh... and definitely this one!

Wouldn't YOU like the chance to win 
a 25.00 gift certificate? You can have three chances 
just by following these rules.

*This giveaway is now closed*

1.) Go to her Scentsy Site  and pick out something that you would like. 
(tell me in a comment on this post) 

2.) Check out the Scentsy Buddies and share which one you think is cutest. 
(tell me in a comment on this post) 

3.) Share what you liked about her Scentsy Site on your Blog, Facebook or Twitter... and be sure to share her link.
(tell me in a comment on this post)

Good luck to ALL of you! 
I will announce the winner at next week's 
Bunny Hop Party.

She has an open party going on right now 
Get up! Get Going! 
Anyone ordering from that party will be getting 
an added bonus along with their order! 

*That party is now closed*

Just let her know (by email) that you are 
placing the order after learning about her here, 
and you will get a 5.00 bar of the month!

Now let's get the Bunny Hop started!


Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady.
I also love the Birds like you do.
This is a Beautiful Give-a-way""
Thanks for hosting your sweet party.
XXOO Diane

xinex said...

Hi Bunny Jean. I like the Daphne and the Windsor. I bet they are really frangrant too....Christine

Elizabeth and Gary said...

My daughter went to a Scentsy Party and bought the plug in scents. I loved the smell, they really are a wonderful and pretty way to add charm and fragrance to your home. I really like the New Bride and the New Montauk also the cupcake...I couldn't decide they are all so pretty.
Hugs, Elizabeth

Elizabeth and Gary said...

The Scentsy Buddies are adorable..I think Patch the Dog is a real cutie and the perfect snuggle buddy for a sweet little one.

bj said...

OO, I would dearly LOVE to win this generous gift card to her shop. I love these so much and love how good they smell without the worry of a lighted candle.
OK, I am olden and couldn't read the name of the one with the roses on the side. I love that one and also love the one with the bird on top.
xo bj

bj said...

The little Patch is adorable and I love it.

bj said...

I am taking a photo and her web site link to my sidebar.....can I do all this with my fingers crossed so hard. :))
xo bj

Judy Biggerstaff said...

thanks for this give-away and hope your eyes gets better. I visited the site and like the Amerina Full size warmer, love the color.

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Lenny the Lamb is a really cute buddy. Thanks.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I enjoyed looking at the Scentsy catalog--I hadn't seen one in a long time. I love the Bride warmer. That would be my favorite thing:)

Shabby chic Sandy said...

The Buddie I like is Patch the dog (I believe that is the name) because I used to have 2 St. Bernards and he looks like a Saint to me:)

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Her Scentsy site is very easy to use and attractive. I have put her link on the bottom of my "special gift" post. I wish her great success in her business!


Hi Bunny Jean, thank you for the giveaway chance. I love the Daphne.
Thank you for hosting too sweetie.

Tina said...

Great give-a-way I am heading over to check it out.

Hope your eye fells better. Thank you for hosting the hop.

Curtains in My Tree said...

your black eye will make people think you had a face lift or something like the hollowood ladies do LOL

Curtains in My Tree said...

I will love to win anything that smells good. I have never heard of these electric candles so love that it's new to me


Ash said...

I've been wanting to try the Be Still scent, and I love the Roma plug in!


Ash said...

I love Roarbert the Lion, he's adorable!!


~ The (UN)organized Homeschooling Mom said...

YAY!!! A GIVEAWAY......Thank you for doing this for my shop! I LOVE SCENTSY! I would be really happy for one of your followers to win this! I would also love to give a free bar of the scent of the month "Sunlit Morning" to anyone placing an order for something off of my site. Just make sure that the order is placed under the open party called "Get Up! Get GOING! and they MUST email me at barefootlibby@yahoo.com to let me know they are from you blog and that they have ordered. Thanks again, Tammi :)

~ The (UN)organized Homeschooling Mom said...

Sorry about the delete....big oops.....anyway.....

OH....and BTW, MY favorite Scentsy Budddy is the Wellington Duck, He is not in the main catalog.....because he is the "warmer of the month" He is a special one that can be ordered only this month! Look on the website under the heading that says WARMER of the MONTH.......ALSO, Did you know that the Scentsy Buddies have a website sorta like Webkinz.....its at http://scentsybuddy.com and you register the Buddy and play on the website! SO MUCH FUN!!

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

Thanks for hosting. Glad I could join in today.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

What an amazing and very nasty and painful looking black eye/giant swelling over the eye bump. So sorry that you had such a hard fall. I hate falling, it hurts every darn time.

Thanks for hosting your bunny hop. I was very happy to be able to join in this week.

Take care of you.


Roxanne Reinhart said...

Wow - I thought I LOVED the Montauk ( with the shells ) before I went to her site. I still do but there are so many pretty warmers to choose from. I also like Doodlebud, Heartfelt and Daphne.

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