Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #33

Today is the day I host 
Wednesday's  Bunny Hop Party.

Yes... it is called Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party.
So why is it posted every Tuesday afternoon? 
Because that is just how everyone used to do it.

But I am now reconsidering.
Susan at BNOTP is now posting her parties 
on the actual day they are named. 

What do you think?
Would it make more sense to post my 
Wednesday party... on Wednesday morning?

Lately this has been bothering me.
I just don't know if I should change it.
Even a small change for me right now is scary.

 They say "change can be good"...
Actually it is the uncertainty brought on by 
BIG changes that are out of my control that scares me. 
My previous post explains more about this.

 Thanks to everyone who visits and joins the Bunny Hop!
I am truly preoccupied... and just can't focus... 
but I will try to visit and comment.

Have fun at the party!
Bunny Jean

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Caught A Leprechaun!

This is my St.Patrick's Day 
tale that I like to share every year.

~ ~ ~

You will not believe what I found in
my side yard!  Even I didn't
believe my eyes at first.

 Mr. Leprechaun!

This little guy was hiding
in this patch clover.

Is clover the same as shamrocks?
Well I think it is...
Yes I do!

I just had to get a better look.
I slowly crept closer...
but he saw me! 

And quicker than I could say
"Erin go Bragh" he had all his
gold coins gathered up.

 Well, there was no fooling him
what my intentions were.

But he underestimated just how
quick I could be...

So before he knew it, I had him in my
house and securely contained in my
handy dandy cloche!

Yesiree... Leprechaun under glass.

He was not going anywhere until
he handed over his pot of gold!

I told him I knew my rights...
after all I am Irish!
Yes I am...

So I waited, and waited,
and waited some more...

I waited so long that I started to fall asleep...

Then to my surprise... 
this is what I saw 
first thing in the morning!!!

He had forked over all his gold and left me 
this little rock to remember him by.
As if the gold wasn't enough...


I took that rock right back out to where
I had found him, and placed it smack
dab in the middle of all that clover
to mark this special place.

After all...
You just never know when 
you might find a Leprechaun!

 "Erin go Bragh"
Bunny Jean

I am sharing at these fun parties:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Outdoor Courtyard Curtains

Here in the Palm Desert area of California 
we have a LOT of sun!

I would like to share how I solved the problem 
of too much sun on my outdoor furniture and cushions. 
It was jut too bright and HOT! 

DSC01594 (2)
 This is a view of my front door. 
It is in a little alcove and there is seating on the left. 

It makes for a nice place to greet visitors.

 In the winter months it gets the morning sun.
So much that it has begun to fade my
 cushions and pillows.

 This picture shows what a difference the outdoor curtains make.
That little white spot on the cement is the sunlight 
peeking through a little crack where the two curtains meet.


 This is the 'rod' we used. 
It is a metal pipe and fittings 
that The Mr. got at the hardware store. 

I sprayed it with Rustoleum's 
Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Then I made curtain out of painters drop cloth.
I also used some buckram on the curtain headers.
Buckram stiffens it and gives it structureand nice folds.

 This particular drop cloth had a looser weave than I usually get.
At first I didn't like it because it had a lot of movement when I was sewing it. And I did a lot of sewing.

 But now I LOVE it!
There were absolutely no wrinkles after washing. 
It is soft and drapes so nicely. 

 I made two curtains so that I could adjust it for different sun exposures. Sometimes it is pulled to one side like in this photo. Other times it is split in the middle.

 This is the view out into the courtyard.
The Casita's (small guest house) sliding door is to the left. 
Soon we will have tall decorative iron gate in the arched entryway.

This is the arched entry to the courtyard.
We have a view of the mountains off in the distance. 
There are more mountain views from the back patio.

I will try to get a few pictures of how I made the curtains. 
Just so you can see the buckram (stiffening  for curtain headers).
That stuff makes the world of difference when making curtains.

I will be sharing at these fun parties:

Bunny Jean

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bunny Hop Party # 31 ~ A Giveaway Winner!

We have a WINNER!

At last week's Bunny Hop Party I announced a giveaway 
for a $25 gift certificate towards a Scentsy item of your choosing. 
Just trying to get my daughter's business a good start :)

These were the requirements for entering.

1.) Go to her Scentsy Site  and pick out something that you would like. 
(tell me in a comment on this post) ...  giveaway is now closed.

 2.) Check out the Scentsy Buddies and share which one you think is cutest. 
(tell me in a comment on this post) ...  giveaway is now closed.

 3.) Share what you liked about her Scentsy Site on your Blog, Facebook or Twitter... and be sure to share her link.
(tell me in a comment on this post) ...  giveaway is now closed.

There were only 16 entries. 

Two of you entered three times. 
Three of you entered twice.
Four of you entered once.

The sixth eligible comment was:
BJ @ Sweet Nothings.
bj said... The little Patch is adorable and I love it.
March 6, 2012 5:04 PM

Congratulations to BJ!

I am not really surprised... you seem to be the 
most winning-est blogger that I know! 
What IS your secret?!
BJ, I will email your gift certificate code in a few days.
Then to claim your prize just go to this link and order 
what you would like, using your Scentsy gift certificate code. 
It is an open party (my daughters) and it is the Twisted Ribbon  party

Now let's get this Bunny Hop Party started!

Bunny Jean

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When Face Meets Floor... and a Give-a-Way

Me: Hello floor...

Floor: We have to stop meeting this way!

This is a little slide show showing the progress of my face so far. 
Starting within a few minutes of my fall and up to last night. 

There is no blood... but it is a bit gross.

The first few pictures show the initial swelling that occurred within minutes. 
Then two pics of the ER visit, and the progression over the next two days. 

My Big Black Eye

Click on white arrow to view video.
It may take a few seconds to load. Just start it , 
read down, and then come back to view.  

Please forgive me for not wearing any make up or having my hair done. 
After all... I had been sleeping and not ready for company. 
I do plan on getting prettied up today :/ 

This is the THIRD time I have 
hit the floor in the last 16 months. 

I am not feeling dizzy and have no major health concerns. 
Never was accident prone before...
So what gives?!?

The first time I fell was while 'running' across the bedroom. 
It was in the rental house we lived in while we were waiting for our desert house to be built.

I clipped the bed's foot board 
and did a TOTAL face plant... 

No outstretched arms to soften the blow. 
I woke up looking at the underside of the dresser...  
thinking someone needs to vacuum the carpet!

The next time I FLEW through the air, 
but not with the greatest of ease. 

That time I was 'running' through the garage,
trying to get out before the door came down.
Hit my knee on the bike tire and...

Flew with outstretched arms...
just like Superman.

Luckily that time my hands hit first giving me 
about one inch between the cement floor and my chin. 
Surprisingly, it didn't even knock the wind out of me. 

I think 'running' may just be the keyword here... and a lot of stupidity.  

So now I knew to watch out for unfamiliar foot boards 
and to never, ever try to run under a garage door. 

No more running in general!

But I hadn't learned about the rule for 
answering the phone in the middle of the night. 


This time is was the ottoman,
the ottoman on wheels...

When you trip over an ottoman that has wheels,
the ottoman most likely will move... 
and you may smack the HARD tile floor!

SMACK.... that is the actual sound I heard, 
as a bright little light (the only light) 
lit up inside my head.

So now I have learned not to run, 
and to never answer a phone in the middle of the night.
It usually is just bad news... one way or the other.

Oh... the phone call?
It was The Mr. calling to see if he had closed the garage door. 
Just double checking... and yes, it was closed.

Bunny Jean

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #30 ~ A Giveaway!

The Bunny Hop Party is happening...
even with this Big Black Eye! 

I'm no sissy ... 
Apparently I can type with just one eye... 
and one hand tied behind my back!

If you missed how I got this BIG black eye 
that is now totally swollen shut...
then go read about it here

But what I really want to share is a great giveaway.
Some of you may already know that my daughter 
has just started selling Scentsy.

To give her a little boost I want to give away 
gift certificate for 25.00. 

Now If you are unfamiliar with Scentsy, then you are in for a treat.
It has the BEST smelling and MOST attractive way to freshen your home. 
Without dangerous flames and all that sooty residue

Scentsy melts wax in the most charming electric pots 
that are between 5 and 6 inches tall. 
That's about the size of a Bell canning jar!

This is the one I ordered. You all know I love birds!
But there are so many more that will beautify any decor.
And so many YUMMY scents... Over 80 of them!

This is the next one I will be getting!

Oh... and definitely this one!

Wouldn't YOU like the chance to win 
a 25.00 gift certificate? You can have three chances 
just by following these rules.

*This giveaway is now closed*

1.) Go to her Scentsy Site  and pick out something that you would like. 
(tell me in a comment on this post) 

2.) Check out the Scentsy Buddies and share which one you think is cutest. 
(tell me in a comment on this post) 

3.) Share what you liked about her Scentsy Site on your Blog, Facebook or Twitter... and be sure to share her link.
(tell me in a comment on this post)

Good luck to ALL of you! 
I will announce the winner at next week's 
Bunny Hop Party.

She has an open party going on right now 
Get up! Get Going! 
Anyone ordering from that party will be getting 
an added bonus along with their order! 

*That party is now closed*

Just let her know (by email) that you are 
placing the order after learning about her here, 
and you will get a 5.00 bar of the month!

Now let's get the Bunny Hop started!

My BIG Black Eye... OUCH!

Not to worry... 
but I had a little accident.

I have a BIG  black eye that looks just like a prune 
that has been reconstituted to the max. 

That's what I get for running for the phone at 4 am... 
and falling over the ottoman (on wheels). 
I knew it would only be time before that hard tile floor 
and I would meet up this way. 

There are many things about this desert home 
that I don't really care for.

The open layout that doesn't allow for wall decor... 
the 115 degree heat in the summer...
 and the hard tile floors!!!

Thankfully the CT scan didn't show damage to my eye socket. 
But I landed smack dab on the bone just above my eye. 
Apparently all all those little veins exploded.

I am just glad the I didn't damage my eye...  
or crack my cheekbone.

They say it will look much worse before it gets better. 
As it is, it looks worse than the "shiners" that you see on tv. 
My eye really does look like a big fat swollen prune. 

Since I can't see to type without reading glasses, 
and I can't seem to find my diamond encrusted monocle 
for my one good eye that can still open... 
I will just have to spare you any more gory  details.

Please understand that I was unable to visit and comment 
on all your wonderful posts from last week. 
I will read them when I can.

The Bunny Hop Party is still on!

The linky will be open at 4 pm Pacific Time.
I will post a reminder at that time.
See you then :)

Bunny Jean

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