Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #29

It Is time to party!

This  week has been a busy one. 
I have been busy taking care of my blog. 
Updating and deleting some posts. 

I even had to delete some past parties. 
All because of my reckless use of images I took 
off of the internet, and Pinterest.

 I thought I was being ever so careful... 
always giving a linked source.

I don't want to be a Party Pooper... so I will just ask that 
you take a few minutes to visit yesterday's post...
Do not Pin This... See Why

I will say this much.

Be careful when you use Pinterest.
You are responsible if you use copyrighted images.
You may be repinning copyrighted images... 

So you think it is just goes on your boards for you to see?
Think again... someone may repin your pin...
and your name will then be attached to that pin. 

Just do yourself a favor and read that post

So now to get the party going!

I always look forward to seeing what 
you all have to share each week.
Have fun!

Bunny Jean

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My New/Old Pantry Makeover

My Pantry Transformation

I hate to say it, but this closet is also from my Texas home.
The one here in my new Desert Home is tiny... 
12 inches deep and has five shelves.

Yesterday I shared my master closet makeover from the Texas home. 
Did I mention I miss all the space we had in our old home?
Downsizing means just that... smaller!

So here is the "old" closet makeover...

This was the way my pantry used to look. 
Don't laugh because I bet a few of you 
have let it get this way too.

The ceiling is WAY high and just look 
at what those pesky builders left me with.
What an ugly light fixture!

Hey... this is my pantry guys... not the garage!

The paint was white... but look how 
dull it was compared to this new white.
 Also I used a semi gloss instead of FLAT!

We used Dutch Boy paint that has Baking Soda 
added to eliminate and prevent odors. 
We = I bought, he painted.

So I got busy. I went to WalMart and got this 
"happy" shelf liner and some double stick tape.


I must have spent 8 hours in this little room, 
measuring, cutting, measuring again and piecing. 
Did I mention that it took 9+ rolls?!

Buy the time I was done 
I was starting to hallucinate!

I needed to make sure that all the checks lined up. 
... 8 long hours with my reading glasses on ...
But just look how nice it is now!

Not laughing now, 
are you.

We The Mr.even replaced the light.
I got this at The Home Depot.
Not only cute, but I can see!

In fact I couldn't turn the light on for the 
picture because it is so bright!

See any difference???
I sure did...
It even smelled new!

                            before                                                                            after  

I am sharing this post at Sarah's party. 
This the theme is Show Us Your Closets.
Thanks for the fun party!

Have a Great Weekend!

Bunny Jean

Friday, February 24, 2012

Closet Organization ~ Shoe Shelves and Cubbies.

Today I am sharing the closet 
from my Texas home. 

I am still working on the one here in my new Desert Home.
I hope to have it ready and share some pictures soon.
I must say that I sure miss my old closet!

The closet (and master bath) helped to sell that home. 
It sold before it was even officially listed...
Just a few hours after the Realtor's first visit!

Since I am no longer working, I don't need the business attire. 
So I have removed MOST of the clothing you will see.
It is now in three rolling closets awaiting donation.

First... the "after" picture. 

The Mr. painted the walls a semi-gloss vanilla. 
Sounds boring... but I just wanted it bright and neutral. 
It had been painted a FLAT beige/taupe that absorbed all the light. 

<--- old flat taupe 

<--- new bright white

At first he thought he was only painting the closet. 
I didn't want to ask for too much all at once. 
Do you ever do that?

Ha... he should know better by now... 
That was just the start of my closet transformation. 
Next I asked him to remove two sections of the clothes rods.

But it didn't stop there! I convinced him that I needed shoe shelves... 
He tried to convinced me that I needed fewer shoes. 
Guess who won?!

Marriage is full of compromises.

So... while he was making shoe shelves, 
I was trying to downsize my shoe "collection".  
But I just had to keep some most of them. 

Shhhh...I have more hidden away.

Let's start the tour by moving left to right.

This is was an unfinished dresser that fit perfectly.
So I painted it bright white and added new ceramic knobs.
( I later went through and organized those casual tops)

That is where I stored all my personal girly things.
I'll just be sharing the top hosiery drawer... 
I like to share, just not TOO much.

Casual tops on the left, and then the 
"business attire" continues around to the right.

My purses are in these bins.
Two or three in each one.

Miscellaneous things are in
the bins in the top shelf.

More business  skirts and sweaters.

Wondering where those extra shoes are?
Why in a brand new trunk that
I picked up at HomeGoods.

I replaced this plastic bin. 

With this decorative trunk.

Then... moving to the right a little more...
is another bunch of cubbies and bins.

My socks are sorted by black, white and navy. 
I also have belts, scarves, and hats in the other bins. 
Costume jewelry and all eye wear is in the plastic drawer bins.

Of course they are sorted by sub type 
and also placed in little tiny zip top bags. 
It makes finding a pair of earrings so easy.

Organization makes life so much easier...
don't you think?

You might be asking where 
are Hubby's clothes.

They are in his closet,
of course!

I am sharing this post at Sarah's party. 
This the theme is Show Us Your Closets.
Thanks for the fun party!


There is still time to join The BUNNY HOP Party!

Bunny Jean

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two Things I Am Eternally Thankful For

February marks two very special 
life changing events in my life.

The first one happened 32 years ago.

The birth of my identical twin boys.
They were a surprise to everyone, including the doctor! 
To read more go to Surprise It's Twin Boys!

The second happened just last year.

My son-in-law  received his 
much needed kidney transplant. 
To read about that read We Need Your Prayers!

I will be eternally thankful for both of these happy endings.

Bunny Jean

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pixey Princess Dress Up...

Little "Pixey Princess" Riley. 
(grandaughter #4)

She is wearing a cute little tutu and a hand crafted hair bow.
My daughter makes and sells these at The Twisted Ribbon.
They make GREAT gifts for YOUR little princess!

Isn't this just the cutest video?

(short video with pretty music)

Did you notice what happens after she sprinkles
the "fairy dust" on her hair?
Just TOO cute!

My daughter has just started selling Scentsy.
I found this sweet video when I visited her  website.
I just could't help but share this will all of you!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Bunny Jean

Sunday, February 12, 2012

*cough* *cough*

Well I have that stupid old cold/cough/allergy/flu thing again...

It may just be a desert valley allergy.
The same one I got last January/February.
If so, then it may reoccur in April as it did last year.

The thing that needed antibiotics when it hung around foreeevvveeerrrrrr ...
and became a secondary infection of some sort.

Well I am not here to complain.
For as you know I never complain much...
I simply state the facts. 


Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Valentine Fantasy

This is an encore presentation of my
Valentine's Day fantasy...

What could be nicer than a 
Valentine's Day tea for two?

Maybe a romantic dinner with a nice wine?

How about a late night dessert of strawberries dipped in chocolate... and a glass or two of champagne?

How about all three?!

~ ~ ~

Tea for Two

This fine bone china is Old Country Roses, 
made in England by Royal Albert. 
It was passed down to me by my mother.

I have quite a few pieces and will share more another time.

Tea is served at 4 o'clock.

This clock is 24k gold plated and it was 
given to me by my mother forty plus years ago.

My sweetheart and me.
He is 6'3"... I am not.

We have be happily married for 32 years. 
We are blessed and appreciate that... 
because it is the second marriage for both of us.

We met on a blind date!

These are faux candies. 

The are very good for any diet plan... 
because they are 100% calorie free ;) 

These pretty little sugar cubes are also faux.

This large table doily was also my mother's 
and is also very old... older than me!

The napkins are actually pretty little hankies 
that I just opened for today's tablescape
They were also my mothers.

Did you enjoy your tea?

~ ~ ~

Dinner will be served... 
at 8 o'clock.

Oh My... dinner is starting a few minutes late.        

We will have some nice wine served in 
my old Princess House stemware.

I've used long taper candles for a romantic feel. 
The wine will also help with that.

The dinner plates are from TJ Maxx.
You've seen them here many times. 
I love the detailed edges.

The flatware has real gold detailing. 
It was fairly inexpensive, 
but still feels good in the hand.

These little lead crystal candle holders 
have a real gold band on them... 
and were found at Goodwill!

The china also is trimmed with real gold.

There we are again... 

Do you see us peeking out between 
the salt and pepper shakers?

We are very lucky to have each other!

Time sure has passed quickly!

It's 10:35 and I'm ready for dessert!

We have a nice bubbly champagne!

These are the old fashioned champagne glasses, not the fluted ones that are so popular today.

I just can't resist lovely plump strawberries dipped in decadent milk chocolate... how about you?

Or do you prefer dark chocolate?

I will place the fresh strawberries in the little oblong dish, and the chocolate in the precious little swan... 
just the right size for dipping the tip of the berry!

These champagne glasses are lead crystal 
and have a beautiful "ring" to them 
when you tap on the rim.

They are from Princess House.
I sold Princess House for a short time 
when the kids were little.

Is that still in business?

Well... look at the time...  
It's almost midnight!

Good night to all my bloggy buddies...
Can't share any more!

Thank you so much for visiting me today. 
I enjoyed my little Valentine fantasy.

I am sharing at these fun parties:
Wednesday's Bunny Hop 
Tablescape Thursday
Lauries Valentines Par-tay
Pink Saturday
Bunny Jean

Remember the Bunny Hop 
is now open to ALL BLOGGERS!

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