Friday, February 24, 2012

Closet Organization ~ Shoe Shelves and Cubbies.

Today I am sharing the closet 
from my Texas home. 

I am still working on the one here in my new Desert Home.
I hope to have it ready and share some pictures soon.
I must say that I sure miss my old closet!

The closet (and master bath) helped to sell that home. 
It sold before it was even officially listed...
Just a few hours after the Realtor's first visit!

Since I am no longer working, I don't need the business attire. 
So I have removed MOST of the clothing you will see.
It is now in three rolling closets awaiting donation.

First... the "after" picture. 

The Mr. painted the walls a semi-gloss vanilla. 
Sounds boring... but I just wanted it bright and neutral. 
It had been painted a FLAT beige/taupe that absorbed all the light. 

<--- old flat taupe 

<--- new bright white

At first he thought he was only painting the closet. 
I didn't want to ask for too much all at once. 
Do you ever do that?

Ha... he should know better by now... 
That was just the start of my closet transformation. 
Next I asked him to remove two sections of the clothes rods.

But it didn't stop there! I convinced him that I needed shoe shelves... 
He tried to convinced me that I needed fewer shoes. 
Guess who won?!

Marriage is full of compromises.

So... while he was making shoe shelves, 
I was trying to downsize my shoe "collection".  
But I just had to keep some most of them. 

Shhhh...I have more hidden away.

Let's start the tour by moving left to right.

This is was an unfinished dresser that fit perfectly.
So I painted it bright white and added new ceramic knobs.
( I later went through and organized those casual tops)

That is where I stored all my personal girly things.
I'll just be sharing the top hosiery drawer... 
I like to share, just not TOO much.

Casual tops on the left, and then the 
"business attire" continues around to the right.

My purses are in these bins.
Two or three in each one.

Miscellaneous things are in
the bins in the top shelf.

More business  skirts and sweaters.

Wondering where those extra shoes are?
Why in a brand new trunk that
I picked up at HomeGoods.

I replaced this plastic bin. 

With this decorative trunk.

Then... moving to the right a little more...
is another bunch of cubbies and bins.

My socks are sorted by black, white and navy. 
I also have belts, scarves, and hats in the other bins. 
Costume jewelry and all eye wear is in the plastic drawer bins.

Of course they are sorted by sub type 
and also placed in little tiny zip top bags. 
It makes finding a pair of earrings so easy.

Organization makes life so much easier...
don't you think?

You might be asking where 
are Hubby's clothes.

They are in his closet,
of course!

I am sharing this post at Sarah's party. 
This the theme is Show Us Your Closets.
Thanks for the fun party!


There is still time to join The BUNNY HOP Party!

Bunny Jean


Shirley said... sure have your closet organized. I would love to have mine look like that. after seeing this post, I'm ashamed at how my things are all tossed around! Yikes..want to say that trunk is awesome...
have a nice day...

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Wow--that is really organized and good thing because it looks like you have a lot of clothes. You did a terrific job. Organization makes life less stressful!

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh!!! This is just awesome. The closet of my dreams! I wish I had known your house had been up for sale. I am sure this was the clincher!

Happy Weekend!


Phyllis@Around the House said...

Wow your closet is the way you have the jewelry in the plastic the important to see everything so you can actually use it...

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