Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Pet Parade

  Go HERE to join the 
Christmas Pet Parade!

This is the time of year when we focus on our Faith, Family, and Friends... 

But what about our most faithful 
pet companions?

Their love is unconditional.

I am thinking that It would be fun to share some cute pictures of all the little ones that mean so much to us. 
You gotta know I LOVE to see pet pictures.

So how about a Pet Parade?!

The First Annual Christmas Pet Parade
 December 1st - January 1st.  
 @ Bunny Jeans Decor and More

I know that is a long time, but I just want everyone to have the opportunity to share their cute pictures. 
I will also be showcasing the shared pictures throughout the month.

There are really no rules other than the post must 
 include a picture of your pet, either past or present.
(You are welcome to post more than once.) 

Even YOU can be in the picture!

Pictures of your pet in their Christmas Finest will be greatly appreciated! Who doesn't love a kitty in 
a Santa hat or a doggie in an Elf suit!  
Or is the other way around...

Even just a picture by the Christmas tree or any holiday setting will due. A Christmas collar, new bow from the groomer, maybe a picture on Santa's lap!

Pictures showing some holiday spirit!

Here is my Buster. He hates having his picture taken,  
but somehow I managed to get this one.


Please help me spread the word by putting this button on your sidebar. 


I would LOVE it if you would 
SHARE this in a POST
You may even use this picture below.

Bunny Jean

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wednesday Bunny Hop Party #16

The Bunny Hop will be here 
for your entertainment this 
Holiday Weekend!

I debated about holding the Bunny Hop 
on such a busy week. What with family activities 

Anyway, I figured that you just might need to take a break now and again and visit with your blog buddies.

Now you know that every week I show the three most viewed posts... and every week it is almost a sure bet that you know who(s) are in that category.

So since we have all viewed:
I am featuring the # 3,4,5 most viewed posts! 

Drum roll please....

Coffee Cozy @ The Twisted Ribbon Boutique

Field Of Poppies @ Tablescapes By Diane

Front Bench @ White Weathered Hutch

My pick of the week:

Quilt Barn Trail @ Doll In The Looking Glass

If you were featured , 
you are more than welcome to grab the 
"I Was Featured" button. 

Thank you to ALL of you who shared last week!
I just want to mention that I noticed a BIG jump 
in the viewing numbers for each post! 

I hope you are all making news friends and followers.

I wish you all a very 
Happy Thanksgiving!

Bunny Jean

Make a Christmas Wreath

Today I want to kick off the
Christmas Seaso
by sharing some fun and easy to make wreaths.

I hope you saw something that is to your liking. 
If you need more ideas you will find plenty at the 
'how to' links under each picture.

I know which one is my favorite! 
The CANDY wreath!
Which one is yours?

Don't forget my party...

The linky opens at 4:00 every Tuesday.

Bunny Jean

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Tea Tray

This lovely little tea pot set 
 looks like pumpkins and squash.

This picture was taken when I lived in my Texas home. 
Although the furniture is not in the typical Fall colors, 
I think that the blue highlights the orange of the tea set.

Orange and blue are complimentary colors... 
direct opposite on the color wheel. 
Making the colors more striking. 

Here it is on my Fall tablecloth.

 I love the warmth of the Fall colors. 
The cinnamon roll candle smells wonderful!

The blueberry pie candle also smells good, 
whether it is lit or not. 

This colorful little tea set is from Ross!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 
If you can share it with family you are blessed... 
so be sure to enjoy everyone!

Bunny Jean 

I am sharing with these parties:
Tabletop Tuesday @ A Stroll Thru Life
Tea Party Tuesday @ Sweetology 101
TeacupTuesdays @ Martha's favorites
Tea Cup Tuesday@ Artful affirmations

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wednesday Bunny Hop Party #15

I'm Late, I'm late... 
for a very important date!

That's what this week has been like. 

I want to welcome you all to the Bunny Hop Party.
Last week had a bunch of really great ideas that were shared. I hope you were able to visit a few.

I still have three where I need to leave a sweet comment. Please forgive me for not doing it sooner :)

Last week's top three views:

Easy DIY Towels 

White Christmas @ Not So Shabby

My favorite pick of the week:

A Chair Re Do @ Shabby Sweet Cottage

Thanks again and I hope you 
all enjoy this week's party!

If you were featured you are 
more than welcome to  grab the
"I Was Featured Button" .

Bunny Jean

Do You See Me... As I See Me?

Here's My Resolution!

I have a resolution... 
and it is 1024 x 768.


Well I am talking about my 
computer screen resolution of course.

Do you ever consider these things 
when designing your website or blog. 
You want it to be easy to read for everyone. 

Let me explain before I lose you completely!

Have you ever visited a blog that is just a bit too wide for your screen? You know the one... where you have to use that darn horizontal button at the bottom of your screen just to see all the page. Or the one where the font is just too tiny?

That is because your resolution is not set up the same.
They are probably set at 1280 x 1024 and you may be "old school" like me, and set at 1024 x 768.

Now stay with me... 

The computer resolution determines the size of your viewable screen. That means if I design my blog at a different resolution setting than you have, then you will see my layout either bigger or smaller, and visa versa.

This is what my screen looks like when 
someone's resolution is set at 1280 x 1024.

I am just curious to see what the majority of you are set at.  
may have to change my resolution to make my blog bigger to fit the screen.  

BUT... others who are still set at the lower resolution will have to scroll side ways to see all on my blog.
Not sure what to do at this point.

Want out check out your resolution?

Just go into your computer's "control panel" 
and find the "appearance and personalization". 
Then click the "adjust screen resolution".

I know that most of you may not even be interested in this. But at least it may explain to you why all blogs do not all appear at the same size. It is not always about the size of the size they chose for their "blogger layout".

What is your resolution set at?

1024 x768 

1280 x 1024

   Do you see how when the resolution is higher...
my layout, and font gets smaller.
How do YOU see me?

I look forward to hearing what 
you have to say on this matter.

Thanks for your feedback about the issue with 
Blog Awards
It seems to be a touchy situation if you 
get one, and then politely decline.
You may want to read the comments...

Just a reminder...
Don't forget that the Bunny Hop linky
will be up and running for this week's
party on Tuesday at 4:00 Pacific time.

Bunny Jean

Friday, November 11, 2011

Blog Awards?

How do YOU respond 
to being given a blog award?

When I first started blogging I noticed 
a lot of well established blogs had some kind 
of "award free/tag free" button on their sidebar. 

I was curious as to what that was all about. 
Hey, I would LOVE to get an award!
Then It happened...

In just one week I got about 3-4 awards. 
All the same one, but from different bloggers. 
So much bloggy love!

So now I was required to write a post sharing 7 things about me and then pass the award on to 15 other bloggers. I would write a few words about why I chose those fellow bloggers. 

So here's my issue with that... 
15 x 3= 45! 

That is a LOT of blogs to have to write about and contact. 
Also, I didn't want to hurt someones feelings 
(mostly newbies) by not choosing them.

At that time I barely 100 followers!

Then... even before I got through that process,
 I had two (2) more awards sitting in my inbox! 
Uh oh....

Well I immediately saw the need for those 
"award free/ tag free" buttons!

I was scrambling to accommodate the award rules... 
and I was supposed to ask other people 
to also be in this predicament?
Thanks, but no thanks.

So now when I get an award, I thank them 
and explain that I have an "award/tag free blog". 
I always try to be as sensitive as possible. 
Believe me, I never wanted to offend anybody! 

I would LOVE to get an award that was just that...
an award that acknowledges my blog. 
Not one with strings attached.

I sometimes give out "you were featured" buttons at my blog party. 
I mention that they are welcome to take them home 
and put them on their sidebar. Most do. 
But some do not... that is fine. I am not offended.

Please take a look at these other bloggers who have also posted about not responding to blog awards. 
Some were"strongly opinionated 
and some were of a "kinder nature".
The reader's comments are worth reading.

I am posting about this because 
a dear sweet blogger friend asked what 
this "award free/tag free" button meant. 
She said the button didn't link to anything.
She's right...
 I remember that when I first started blogging. 
I also had that same question about those buttons. 
So now that button will link to this post.

I hope you will all still like me,
I still like all of you!

xoxo Bunny Jean

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party

Hoppy Wednesday Everyone...
It's Bunny Hop Time!

We had so many linky views last week!
I hope some of you are making 
some great bloggy friends.

I noticed something different. 
The top three viewed links were NOT the first 
few links to get posted. In fact they were from 
the middle of the pack. 

That tells me that you have been returning 
to view additional links later in the week.
Thanks for all your support!!!

The Three Most Viewed Posts:

Christine @ Christines Home And Travel Adventures

Stop And Smell The Roses @ Beautifulday

Faux Roman Shades @ Beauty For Ashes

My Pick of the Week:

Halloween Night @ Tablescapes By Diane

If you were featured you may grab the 
"I Was Featured At at the Bunny Hop Button" 
just copy the code below the button.

Thank you for ALL the 
great links you shared last week!
I hope you are all getting the Holiday Spirit!

Now get HOPPING...
(The linky opens every Tuesday at 4:00 pm Pacific time)

The Courtyard Project

Our Desert Home has a Casita. 
It is a one bedroom guest house... 
really just a detached bedroom and full bath.

There is a space between the main house and the casita 
that makes a courtyard. The first arch is the courtyard, 
the second arch is the alcove to the front door entry.

Buzzard Cage
You can see that I have tried to cover the 
furniture to protect it from the sun.
Sort of... 

Buzzard Cage
Not very attractive, is it?

Buzzard Cage
Since the weather is cooler now, 
we are starting on some outdoor projects. 
The first is an outdoor curtain.

Buzzard Cage

The Mr. is putting up a sturdy curtain rod he 
made out of some pipe and fittings.

Buzzard Cage

I spray painted the pipe using the ever popular 
Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. 

The curtain rings are a little bigger than I usually 
get because of the diameter of the pipe. 
I will also add tie back hooks.

Hopefully I will have the curtains up this week. 
I am also designing a gate for the courtyard. 
Below are some examples.

This is a house like ours (reversed) that has
a black iron gate. Not exactly what I want. 
Too plain. Too open. Too black.


This is very attractive but way to ornate and 

What I want is something that will keep 
the dogs in and the uninvited out. 
With a lock set and doorbell.

Something with BIRDS.
Yes, I love birds... just a few.

What do you think?

I am sharing this at these parties:

Outdoor Wednesday

Fall Into Fall

Wow Us Wednesday's

Thank you to these wonderful hostesses!

~ ~ ~

Don't forget the Bunny Hop party
is going on right now through Sunday!

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