Thursday, February 4, 2010

Have You Been Busy?

Have you been busy doing something creative
and having fun at the same time?

Are you feeling like you actually accomplished something that will be appreciated by your family... and you just can't wait to share with all of us here in blogland?  Good for you!

Not me...

I'm not getting that much done... not having much fun... and don't have that much to share.

But that's all gonna change!!!


I want to join in on Gina's Transformation Thursday, even though I am cheating just a bit by not really having a totally completed transformation to share. Maybe my change in attitude is transformation enough!?

I am done with feeling down about having to move. I will look at this as an adventure... a new chapter in my life. I can do this!

So I'm gonna get crackin'...

My "to do list" for this week is to finish painting the master bathroom's three doors, the trim, two vanities, and the dresser that goes in the closet. 

So far only the top has been painted.

Hubby came back home for Christmas and painted the bathroom walls and ceiling a nice semi-gloss vanilla. They were the same neutral color as the rest of the house... not too terrible, but it was FLAT paint! It just sucked up all the light and was full of shadows. 

The newly painted side is on the left.

Looks like Hubby forgot to "cut in" before rolling on the new paint. (The door and trim will be painted a bright white so that they will stand out more)

The closet was especially dark. This picture shows the new  paint. I also had him remove some sections of the clothes red. I will show you why next week.

You are going to like what I've done!

Have I mentioned that I hate can't stand... painting?! I just get so frustrated. My DD said it is just because I have a cheap paint brush.

So, tonight I went out and got a quality paint brush. This was the best that Lowe's had. I even splurged on a three pack!

Just kidding...

I got one of these little short, stubby handled guys. It is SO much easier for me to use. The long handles make my hand so tired and I just don't have good control.

Have you ever used one of these?

I also got a  3" brush and some nice skinny foam rollers for the cabinets. Hopefully this project will be finished by week's end and I can show you next week.

Now please go visit Gina and see all the other


I hope all of you are enjoying your day.
I'll come by and take a peek,
because I love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Oh my I hate painting also. DH gets very frustrated with my painting and always wants to take over, so naturally I let him *wink*

It really is amazing the difference between a bad brush and a great paintbrush.

kiakai/Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Bunny,
Boy, you have your hands full. Can't wait to see it done.
I loved you comment about the "talk" about animals. I know exactly what you mean. That's all I ever hear. I saw on a blog once, this guy said "everyone I know could give a S#*%." That was the most true statement I've ever heard. It's like you're talking another language. That's why I hope the next generation will make some changes. Now that the movie Food Inc. is out, people may look at it all differently.
Well, let me know how it's going when you have time.

bj said...

ahhh, I love your choice of Vanilla of my favorites, too. I love a white background for all my reds and blacks!!
Don't work too hard and hope your weekend has a little FUN in it!! :)
xo bj

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