Friday, October 9, 2009

What Made Me Think...?

Well it's more like, "What makes you think..." and it is something I frequently say to my husband. It is usually part of a conversation brought about by something he did, might do, or didn't do.

His response to this is just a quiet,
"Hmmm... what makes me think..."


The last time I said that... I tried to justify it by telling him that Martha Stewart says that too. In fact she said that to her television guest just the other day.
Martha Stewart

His only response to that was, "It's a good thing", and that was end of our conversation... Um, I just needed time to regroup.


Well anyway, crazy as it may be, I actually asked myself  that very question today... out loud no less!

Let me further explain this conversation... with myself. I just recently became a blogger. Knowing full well about my OCD tendencies... I should have known better! 

Not only am I up late into the night reading blogs, I am up even later into the night, trying to connect to others by writing my own blog.


But wait! It gets worse.... I stumbled on Susan's  Between Naps on the Porch, and you can guess the rest. Yes!  I have to confess! I am hooked on her Tablescape Thursdays. I'm sure she planned it that way... she may even be a dealer!?!

Soooo... not only am I reading blogs, writing blogs (you should see all my unpublished drafts), designing little vignettes (all over the house),  taking pictures (or as we call them at my house "photo shoots")... but now I am out marathon shopping!  After all... I really need that one (one?) more item to complete a tablescape.

NOTE: tablescapes are never completed, as there are an infinite number of possibilities.


When all this started, I justified it as my "new hobby".  After all, lots of people have hobbies...

Yes, I call it a hobby, but others may call it something else...

So I had to ask myself,
"What were you thinking?".

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