Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Calorie Desserts!!!

Yummy for my Tummy???

Scrumptious looking Ice Cream
Sundaes, Brownies, Cupcakes,
Petit Fours and Chocolates!!!

All these goodies are a feast
for the eyes... not the tummies.
That's because they are not real!

My contribution to this weeks
Friday Foodie hosted by Gollum,
are beautiful Faux Food Goodies!

I know that I am cheating a
bit by not showing real food,
but that's better than actually
cheating on my diet!


Cute as cute can be


Don't you just want to stick your
finger into that creamy frosting!?


Little "tea cakes"
or as the French say...
Petit Fours!


Frosted Brownies
to DIE for!!!


It's almost as if you
can "smell" them!

Boxed up and ready to go.


There's more...

Ice Cream and little
frosted sugar cookies.


Cake too!!!


But there always has to be
candies... and chocolate
ones at that!!!


Even candles... for what's a
table setting without candles?

Scented Cupcake Candles

Hershey's Syrup Candle

Hershey's Jar Candle

I just LOVE all my pretty little
"Faux Goodies"

I have them all over the house,  

(and for sale on my website...
just click on my link at
the top left side of my blog )

... and the best part is that
they never make me fat fatter!


Be sure to visit Gollum
for Foodie Friday.

Have a wonderful Friday
and don't eat too much!


Martha said...

What yummy looking treats!

Poppedijne said...

What pretty cakes and things.Did you made them all yourself! Great for decorating.

Joyce said...

These are good for my diet and I just love those cupcake candles and tea pot cookies. I read back on your blog and had to laugh about the last minute flight to see your son and family. I often wonder does anyone in their right mind get on those middle of the night or early morning flights because you almost have to stay up all night to get on them and when you arrive at your destination you end up sleeping all day:)

susan said...

You tricked me!! I'm afraid the only way I will ever have cookies or cakes decorated that beautifully at my house is to buy them from a bakery or buy the plastic kind!

honeysuckle said...

They made me hungry and I already knew they were not real!

Mary said...

I guess they're better for my diet than the genuine article but they're not as satisfying :-). Your photos are beautiful. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Lori E said...

These are really lovely. The frosting looks so good. I would probably eat one in the middle of the night with a big glass of milk.

Tammy518 said...

They are all so pretty! I should keep those kinds of treats around my house, as I waistline would thank me.

Eileen said...

Those are prettiest little things I've ever seen! What a novel idea!
I'll have to go check them out.
And good thing they're not really for eating, it would be a shame to eat something that pretty!
All the best,

Sarah said...

These are so cute! I'm headed over to your store to check these out. What a lovely idea. I always hesitate to eat goodies that are this pretty. This is the perfect solution!

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