Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Powder Room Makeover ~ Garden Style

Loving this new bronze faucet!

It looks like an old fashioned well pump 
and it sets the theme for my garden bathroom.

Note to all you germaphobes... I have removed the lid cover.

My "Builder's Special" bathroom.

The guest bathroom is only 4.5' feet x 5.5', and the sink bowl is too big and modern looking. I would rather have a smaller, rectangular, vintage looking sink.

I also don't like the fact that the sink is off center... 
and you can see the plumbing!

The bathroom , when view from the right angle, 
is visible from the living room and if the door is open you can see the not so attractive sink.

See those UGLY pipes?!

So how did I fix it?

Well I simply "skirted" the problem...

As I sometimes have to do with
unpleasant issues!

I had some 2.00 Waverly cafe curtains (still in the pkg.)... got a bunch off the clearance table at J.C.Penny a few years lotta years back. I figured I could make something out of them.

They were originally priced at 25.00. Then marked down and down... until they ended up in the 2.00-3.00 bin.   

What a bargin!

So... out came the cafe curtains and low and behold... one pair was 36"long and actually the exact width to wrap the sink...perfectly!!!

I got out my self adhesive hook and loop tape and stuck the to loopy side to the curtain and the hooky side on the top edge of the sink. 

I flipped the curtains (from how they would hang on a window) so that large pattern was at the top because I thought it balanced the sink better by adding the bold at the top, since there is color in the rug... you'll see later.

Next I needed to sew up bottom a few inches and in 20 minutes flat... Okay... I never even got my sewing machine out for this project! 

I used double stick tape to "hem" up the bottom . Now I'm pretty sure that will not make it through the wash and will take it off before washing so that it will not get all gummy.  
Also if it shrinks in length like most cotton, 
I won't have a "high water" sink!

So that is how I covered the sink issue... 
and now I actually have discreet storage for the extra TP and cleaning supplies!!!

I also wanted to hide the ugly pipe coming out of the toilet. 
It just always seem to look so dirty. 

I had been using a plastic flower pot but it 
just wasn't tall enough to hide the pipe.

I bought this green wastebasket at Ross... a "happy find". 
But it still wasn't tall enough.

I took the plastic flower pot and set it inside the basket. 
That raised it up just enough to hide the pipes!!!

I think it look SO much better 
and I really like the garden theme.

Want to see more?

This is what is in the corner behind the door. 
More garden stuff!

I hope you like the way it looks now, 
I know I sure do!

This post is a re-write of a previous post. 
The bathroom was in my Texas home a few years back. To see the new guest bathroom in my Desert home go see:
 Ten Foot Shower Curtain.

This time I used a 
tablecloth to make a shower curtain!

 Bunny Jean

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Kathe said...

So smart you are my friend! I would have never thought to put the pot inside the basket to raise it up! And, of course I love the garden theme to death :-)Thanks so much for sharing at the party this week! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this was wonderful! Love that the little curtain fit perfectly and that faucet is gorgeous! I love your sweet style of decorating too.
Now you continue being a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Shabby chic Sandy said...

What a charming little bathroom--you did such a great job with the decorating!

Joy Burkhart said...

My dear friend!
This is such a sweet little guest bath! I love everything you'd done to it. The faucet is so COOL! The colors are outta this world!

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Such a cheerful bath. You have so much creativity!


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