Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party # 50

This week marks the 
50th Bunny Hop Party!

My first party had just 14 links and of those bloggers only 
Mississippi Artist @ Paint Or Dig 
 has continued to link up.

Paint Or Dig

(click picture to see the post)

The second party had 48 links and of those, there are 
8 lovely bloggers who share on a regular basis. 
This was Christine's first time sharing.

Christine's Home and Travel Adventures

(click picture to see the post)

Christine has the record of sharing the most times!
She shares every week. I know she is a favorite of many... 
not only for sharing her lovely home but for visiting 
and leaving such sweet comments.

Here is the list of those 8 bloggers from the second party 
who still continue to share on a regular basis
I thought it would be fun to revisit the post they shared 
on that second Bunny Hop party. 

Hyacinths For The Soul
Savannah Granny
Normandy Life
Curtains In My Tree
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Making It Homey
Decorating Tennis Girl

Of course since that second party I have had more bloggers become regulars
Thanks to all of you who share week after week with out fail!
I would like to mention you, but for fear of leaving someone out... I better not. 

Whether you share every week or just occasionally please 
know that you are all very much appreciated! 
Even those who just visit :)

Last but not least... 
I also want to thank those bloggers who have shared many times at my party 
in the past, but who are no longer able to do so at this time. 
I wish you improved health and please know I am thinking about you.

Bunny Jean

Believe in Yourself

I need to work on my self image. 

Poster from my personal collection.

Not necessarily how I look... 
but how I project myself to others.

I don't think it is ever too late to improve your image. 
Please take a moment to view this short video
It just might make your day.

Words are powerful... 
Be VERY careful what you allow to sink in to your own mental factory and be equally as careful when speaking to others, especially those you care about. 
Words can destroy just as easily as they can build up.

Try it out...

You might just surprise yourself!

Bunny Jean

 The Bunny Hop Party will be up and 'hopping' 
today at 4:00 Pacific time.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

I am a GREAT Grandma!

Here is the newest addition 
to our family.

Baby Paisley
July 26, 2012
6.6 lbs

But wait...

Just 11 short years ago today...
we celebrated another addition to our family.

My... how times flies!

They never stay little for long.

Bunny Jean

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Seattle World's Fair 50th Anniversary

 The Seattle World's Fair...

It was the coolest thing happening in 1962.
I know, because I was there!
I was ten years old.

It was also known as Century 21 Exposition,
"When Seattle Invented The Future".

Below is a collage of the posters, magazines 
and a coloring book that I have as souvenirs.

I really don't  have any photos of my family at the fair, 
as my father had all film developed as slides.
Yes... slides!

Sunset magazine was, and still is, a very 
popular magazine in the Pacific Northwest. 
Can you believe it was only 25 cents?

Seattle was also host to a
Worlds Fair in 1909.

File:Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition - Rainier Vista.jpg

It was also known as the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.
It was held in Seattle to publicize the development 
of the Pacific Northwest. 
The fairgrounds later became the setting for 
the University of Washington campus.

Now, back to the future...

My daughter and two of my grand kids went to the Seattle Center earlier this week
and I have pictures to share!

This was their first time there
 and they had such a good time!

This seems to be a very popular view for all photographers. 
I see variations of is all the time. 

Notice the beautiful blue skies? Oh how I wish I was there!

The Space Needle is 605 feet tall and has an observation deck at the very top,
below that is a revolving restaurant and then towards the bottom is a coffee shop.

The monorail travels from the Seattle Center to the
Westlake shopping center in downtown Seattle
which is about one mile.

I really LOVE to go shopping in the BIG department stores
in a city. The newer malls just don't have the same atmosphere. 

Nordstrom originated in Seattle and it is 
the largest of all their stores. 
Their Anniversary Sale is going on now...

Have you ever taken a ride 
on a monorail?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Powder Room Makeover ~ Garden Style

Loving this new bronze faucet!

It looks like an old fashioned well pump 
and it sets the theme for my garden bathroom.

Note to all you germaphobes... I have removed the lid cover.

My "Builder's Special" bathroom.

The guest bathroom is only 4.5' feet x 5.5', and the sink bowl is too big and modern looking. I would rather have a smaller, rectangular, vintage looking sink.

I also don't like the fact that the sink is off center... 
and you can see the plumbing!

The bathroom , when view from the right angle, 
is visible from the living room and if the door is open you can see the not so attractive sink.

See those UGLY pipes?!

So how did I fix it?

Well I simply "skirted" the problem...

As I sometimes have to do with
unpleasant issues!

I had some 2.00 Waverly cafe curtains (still in the pkg.)... got a bunch off the clearance table at J.C.Penny a few years lotta years back. I figured I could make something out of them.

They were originally priced at 25.00. Then marked down and down... until they ended up in the 2.00-3.00 bin.   

What a bargin!

So... out came the cafe curtains and low and behold... one pair was 36"long and actually the exact width to wrap the sink...perfectly!!!

I got out my self adhesive hook and loop tape and stuck the to loopy side to the curtain and the hooky side on the top edge of the sink. 

I flipped the curtains (from how they would hang on a window) so that large pattern was at the top because I thought it balanced the sink better by adding the bold at the top, since there is color in the rug... you'll see later.

Next I needed to sew up bottom a few inches and in 20 minutes flat... Okay... I never even got my sewing machine out for this project! 

I used double stick tape to "hem" up the bottom . Now I'm pretty sure that will not make it through the wash and will take it off before washing so that it will not get all gummy.  
Also if it shrinks in length like most cotton, 
I won't have a "high water" sink!

So that is how I covered the sink issue... 
and now I actually have discreet storage for the extra TP and cleaning supplies!!!

I also wanted to hide the ugly pipe coming out of the toilet. 
It just always seem to look so dirty. 

I had been using a plastic flower pot but it 
just wasn't tall enough to hide the pipe.

I bought this green wastebasket at Ross... a "happy find". 
But it still wasn't tall enough.

I took the plastic flower pot and set it inside the basket. 
That raised it up just enough to hide the pipes!!!

I think it look SO much better 
and I really like the garden theme.

Want to see more?

This is what is in the corner behind the door. 
More garden stuff!

I hope you like the way it looks now, 
I know I sure do!

This post is a re-write of a previous post. 
The bathroom was in my Texas home a few years back. To see the new guest bathroom in my Desert home go see:
 Ten Foot Shower Curtain.

This time I used a 
tablecloth to make a shower curtain!

 Bunny Jean

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #48


Yes it is that time again...
are you ready?

Last week I mentioned that the theme for this week's party would be about projects that you have 
made with items that you already had on hand. 

It can be a new post or even old ones that you would like 
to re-share. But please, no more than three posts.

However, this is still an open party
and you may you may  still 
post about anything you want! 

I will even share a few links of my own.
They are oldies but goodies... and may be new to most of you.

have to share these cute pictures 
of two of my grand kids.

Where are they?

They went to see the Seattle Space Needle!

It is the 50th Anniversary of the Seattle World's Fair
where the Space Needle was the coolest thing ever... 

I know 'cause I was there!

I will share more on that topic later this week.

Now let's get the party started!!!

Bunny Jean

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Made A Ten Foot Tall Shower Curtain!

I want to share how I gave the standard glass shower door
a more custom look by making a shower curtain.

Some of my long time followers may have seen this post
but I know there are many how have not. 

The "Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination" candle
was found at from Tuesday Morning.
It was the inspiration for this bathroom.

This is our hall and guest bathroom. 
It has 10 ft. high ceilings.
So I had to make my own shower curtain. 
I made it out of a tablecloth for 15.00!

These are the SOFTEST turquoise blue bath towels.
The lighting and my camera doesn't do them justice.
My bathroom doesn't get much natural light.

The Oatmeal towels have embroidery and rows
of ruching at the bottom, and they are also
super soft and very absorbent.

Robin egg blue and tan towels from Target.

The oatmeal/tan towels were on clearance at my Target.

I have been working on getting my guest bathroom,
which is also my guest bathroom, a more
inviting, relaxing atmosphere.

10 ft. tall shower curtain.
I really didn't like the bare
look of the shower enclosure.
It just looked unfinished and
kind of cold.


Remember the mystery project that I was making
out of that tablecloth that I got  at Marshall's?

It's my TEN foot tall shower curtain!

This tablecloth had gone through quite a few markdowns. It started out at 39.99, and then after a few more is was  15.00!   

I love the colors and
of course the Quatrefoil pattern.
Both are very popular right now.

It is a Quatrefoil pattern in robin egg blue, tan and a
 touch of brown. Both sides look great.

So I grabbed it knowing just what
I would do with it because...
I'm SO clever.

I almost never use a tablecloth
as just that... why that would be boring.
It usually becomes a window treatment!

I layed it out on the floor and cut in half "lengthwise". Of course BUDDY just had to help!

You say that doesn't look 10 feet tall?
Well just read on...

This is a rather average sized hall bathroom,
with a very tall ceiling!


I do know that it looks much 
more inviting than it did before.

Do you like it straight or tied back?


Look... I have cute little guest towels!

The guest towel stand was found at the Goodwill for only 2.50!

I also have paper towels.

Paper towels and paper cups for sanitary reasons.
Q-tips are in the jar.

And of COURSE I have to have some
cute little birdies!

The bird picture was purchased from Tuesday Morning.

Definition of RUCHE

1: a pleated, fluted, or gathered strip of fabric used for trimming
ruched \ˈrüsht\adjective
Variants of RUCHE ruche  or ruch·ing  \ˈrü-shiŋ\

Origin of RUCHE

French ruche literally, beehive, from Medieval Latin rusca bark
First Known Use: 1827

Definition of QUATREFOIL

1: a conventionalized representation of a flower with four petals or of a leaf with four leaflets
2: a 4-lobed foliation in architecture
Illustration of QUATREFOIL


Middle English quaterfoil set of four leaves, 
from Anglo-French quatre + Middle English -foil (as in trefoil)
First Known Use: 15th century

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Bunny Jean

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