Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #45

It's Bunny Hop Party Time!

This week has been a good week. 
The Mr. is feeling much better. He is no longer critically anemic. 
(He had a total of four units of blood while in North Dakota.)  
He will have more test (upper and lower GI series) asap.

For those of you who are new to the party the last two weeks have been a little scary and I have not been visiting all of your party links or commenting.

 I hope you will understand. Since I didn't visit you, I can not feature any links. I will try to get back to my regular schedule this week.

I do appreciate your participation in my Bunny Hop Party.
Thanks for your support!

Bunny Jean

A Quiet Morning

This morning was a good morning. 
Nice and quiet except for my daily visitors.

My little birds.

Not sure what kind of bird this little guy is. 
I love his cute little red head.

  He and his wife have nested in the 
Bougainvillea in the front courtyard. 
I will share that another day.

 Mr. and Mrs. are waiting for a table... looks like one just opened up. 

Sometimes it gets so busy that that you can barely see the feeder through the birds.

Momma bird is enjoying a few moments 
before getting back to the little ones. 

They haven't hatched yet... 
Then she will have no time to herself!

We also have hummingbirds that visit our yard. 
Two varieties live here all year round.

This little Hummingbird is one of three or four (or more)
 that are always protecting their territory in the backyard. 

 He/she sits on the fence enjoying the cool morning.
Nothing like the 114 degrees he suffered through the other day

I have enjoyed my morning coffee, a pretty view, and pleasant company.

The Mr. has been home all week. 
I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Bunny Jean

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Camping In Washington State

These pictures were taken by my daughter while camping in the
Cascade Mountain Range of Washington State.

Nothing is more fun than 
camping with your big brother... 

Kyler and Riley

These are the two youngest of her five children.

Kyler is always there to give a helping hand.

Whether it is needed or not...

This is a beautiful view of the hills... 
no mountains in this shot, just lots of timber.

But three mountains (maybe more) can be seen from this area. 
Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, and Mt. St. Helens.

I bet you know about Mt. St. Helens' devastating eruption in 1980,
but did you know that it is not the only volcano in this mountain range?

Mt. Adams

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Bunny Jean

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #44

It's time for another 
Bunny Hop Party!

If you are a regular at my parties then you know last week was a hard week for me because my husband became critically ill while in North Dakota. 

The next few days were extremely difficult and scary for us. 

My suggestion to all of you... 
Do not have an HMO and get sick out of your coverage area!

My husband asked me to not write about him... 
so just know that he made it home and it seeing doctor(s). 
There is no diagnosis yet and it may take a few weeks. 

Now that being said... I am so sorry that 
I didn't visit your party links last week and comment on them. 
So there are not any features to share this week.

 I may or may not visit you this week, however I do have a couple of my own post that are 'scheduled' .  
Hopefully I will be back soon.

Please enjoy the party.

Bunnny Jean

A June Wedding

Since June is the month for weddings 
I thought I would share a page out of one of
my Dolly Dingle paper doll books. 

Does anybody remember those?
Okay... they were even before my time, 
but I do have two reproduction books from the 1980's.

Take a look below and see if she reminds you of anyone. 

Dolly Dingle goes to a wedding. 

This is from my private collection and is watermarked "Do Not Copy".

The Kewpie is a cutie...

But it is not the Kwepie doll that she looks like.

You may recognize the stylized painting of Grace D. Drayton. She was best known for her illustrations of the "Campbell Kids".

This is a Campbell Soup add from 1935. 

This is from my private collection and is watermarked "Do Not Copy". 

Dolly is Maid of Honor.

This is from my private collection and is watermarked "Do Not Copy".

Her Dolly Dingle paper doll series ran in the woman's magazine Pictorial Review from 1913 until 1933. My mother was born in 1911 so I know she would have played with them.

I have more of these precious little paper dolls and will be sharing them periodically.

Dolly Dingle is very patriotic!

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{I will share an update on my husband's health later today at 4:00 Pacific time when I post the Bunny Hop Party.}

Bunny Jean

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #43

Yes Folks... 
It's time for Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

Sorry I am late... I have had some unexpected things happen around here that kept me from getting my post up.

Like my husband getting sick way out in North Dakota, 
where they don't seem to have emergency clinics or hospitals!


 Losing my whole post AGAIN!!!

But enough of that...

I really need a party today!

The first two featured blogs are fairly new to the party and it's their first time to be featured. 

I know that Sandy had been featured before... 
but I just LOVE  all these beautiful photos! 

Thanks to everyone that shared at last week's party. 
I enjoyed looking at every one of your posts.

I if you were featured this you are welcome to take 
the 'featured' button home to share on you sidebar.


Bunny Jean

EDIT: He got an IV and some meds for nausea.  He had dizziness, clamminess, and a painful upset stomach. They did an EKG and chest xray. His blood work showed higher than normal white blood count. The diagnosis was an intestinal virus. They gave him Reglan and I don't understand why... xo Bunny Jean

Monday, June 11, 2012

Strawberry Desserts ~ YUM!

I just had to share pictures of these wonderful, scrumptious, strawberry goodies !

Strawberry, Blackberry and Blueberry Napoleon

Fresh Berry Napoleons

No, I didn't make it but I would certainly EAT it!

Strawberry Chiffon Pie

Strawberry Chiffon Pie 

I would also eat this.

Berry Truffle

Berry Trifle 

Oh... and this too!

Strawberry Italian Ice

Strawberry Italian Ice

Now this would cool me down!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cakes

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cakes

Wow! Chocolate AND Strawberries!

I haven't made any of these grand desserts.

But I have been known to make this good old fashioned dessert from time to time. It is something that always reminds me of my mother because she taught me how to make it.

Strawberry Shortcake!

Strawberry Shortcakes

Although I cheat a bit and use Bisquick for the shortcake...
 I never cheat on the whipped cream.

It's good old fashioned whipping cream all the way!
Whipping cream, a splash of
real vanilla and sugar.

Now this is all for BJ over at
Sweet Nothings.

Okay, so this is just evil payback! 
She has always posted the yummiest and best looking sweets that gave me the worst case of munchies ever.  

I'll have to go visit and see if she is still on her 'no sugar' diet. I guess I just might be missing all her wonderful yummy foodie posts after all... 

Oh My!

She is sharing something sweet.

Go see what it's all about.
Good luck!

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Bunny Jean

ps. I had a terrible time posting this. I lost it twice because of a Blogger glitch. You can read how I recovered this post here

New Blogger Glitch!


That's what I said...
or something like that!

I just spent a really long time writing a post. The length of time I spent is my problem, but when I lose it through no fault of my own it is Blogger's problem.

Just a warning to all you bloggers out there. 
Blogger is acting up again... at least for me. 

It started when it refused to place a particular picture where I wanted it. It insisted on putting it at the top of my post! I'll save you the way I got around that... very frustrating to say the least.


When it decided to delete all of my (finished) post... just because I wanted to 'remove' one picture (by using the 'remove' option) then I got a little more than PO'd!!!

 The link below shares how to recover a post. 
 How To Recover A Deleted Post.
However that method only works if you have already published your post. It will also save all the comments from that post!

What issues have you been having with blogger?

Please share any issues and solutions 
as I am sure others will want to know.


I just lost another post!  
It has something to do with removing pictures. 
Also the size of the font keeps changing!

This is Scout, one of my grand doggies. 
He has nothing to do with my post but I wanted to end this post with a cute picture.

Bunny Jean

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Living Desert Zoo

is a wonderful zoo and desert gardens in 
Palm Desert, California.

We have visited it a few times, 
and every time we see something new. 
The last time we went was free as I had downloaded a
coupon off of the Better Homes and Gardens website.

First I want to share some pictures
of the wonderful desert gardens.

I don't have any thorny cactus in my home garden.

However I do see plenty of cacti every day.

They are in every store parking lot and in the median
of every road. You have to be careful where you step.

These large thorns can penetrate soft sole shoes such as flop flops and crocs.
I know this from personal experience and it required a trip to the clinic for minor surgery. 

This one is a Crown Of Thorns cactus.

It is a pretty flowering plant, until the leaves start to get sparse and you see it's real personality! 

This is a picture of my daughter and granddaughter.

Good thing she didn't take a step or two backwards or that cactus might have 'grabbed' her!

Besides the large variety of desert plants, cacti and trees 
(they ALL seem to have thorns) there are lots of animals to see. 
After all it is a zoo!

Now for a couple of pictures of the
native desert animals that are at the zoo.

The desert hills are home to Big Horn Sheep.
If you are lucky you might see some when hiking the many trails around the valley.

Recognize this guy? 
Yes... he is a real life Roadrunner.

So is this Wile E. Coyote?

Next time I will share some pictures
from the Discovery Center at the zoo.

This is a beautiful panoramic wall mural inside the Discovery Center.
It looks real, especially when viewing it in person.

I took these pictures with an IPhone.
I think it takes better pictures than my little Sony Cyber-shot. 
One of these days I may get a new camera...

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Bunny Jean

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