Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #41

It is time for... 
Wednesdays Bunny Hop Party!

For anyone new to the party you may wonder why I put the party links up on Tuesdays. It is so those who work on Wednesday morning can get an early start... and that is how everyone else does it. 

You can take a peek here to see how to link to my party.

Now to share three great posts 
from last weeks party. 

These are not necessarily the most viewed posts.  Sometimes they are new participants to the party. Sometimes they were the last to be submitted. But always they are ones that I like and want to make sure you see.

My Heart's Song

Creating Wonderful Spaces

With a Dash of Color

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Thanks to ALL of you who have shared at my Bunny Hop Party! I hope that you have enjoyed visiting new blogs and making new friends.

Bunny Jean

Beautiful Weather in the Desert!

We have had the BEST weather here in the desert. 
It's been right around 90 for the last few days. 

Considering last week it got up to 109... 
this is like living in paradise.

The Mr. and I are having another stay-cation while he is home for the week. Played a little golf, hit a few restaurants,  and of course I did a little shopping at the SALES!

But I would like to share some pictures of my daughter's and granddaughter's
visit from last year's spring break. 

Here we are sitting around the clubhouse pool.

My granddaughter found something she wanted at Home Goods. She collects Giraffes.
Thank goodness I convinced her that it would not fit on the plane, 
because even at clearance it was 499.00.

So we visited the Living Desert Zoo, 
in Palm Desert, in search of more Giraffes.

This guy just wanted to hide behind a tree. 

She got to 'pet' these animals.

There were wonderful gardens of various desert plants.

There are also beautiful views too see. 
I see those mountains every day, 
but I would much rather see those smiling faces!

What's 'girl time' without a pedicure?!

We also had to 'play' a little, so we went to the clubhouse
and played some Bocce Ball with Grandpa. 

That's Grandpa having fun. 
Yes... that is a smile.

 I think riding in the golf cart with her mom 
was when my granddaughter had the most fun. 

Oh wait... 
It was actually when SHE 
got to drive the golf cart.

We went to the new section of the development 
after the contractors had gone for the night. 

Her daddy had to go right out and buy her a golf cart when she went home.
But, something tells me that he and her mom may have also wanted one.

I would LOVE to move closer and have an 
enormous house where we could gather 
once a month for a big family dinner... 

But in the meantime I will try to enjoy the desert, 
especially when we have days like this.

Another nice view of our golf course. 

Bunny Jean

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the Bunny Hop will be ready to link up to 
at 4:00 Pacific Time. See you then :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Americana Kitchen ~ Part Two

My Americana kitchen.

I painted this little Americana Folk Art Bunny way back in the mid 80's when I use to teach decorative folk art painting. I taught how to paint this bunny at one of my classes for beginning students.

Yesterday I shared photos of the kitchen in my Texas home, and today I am sharing the kitchen nook in my present California home.

But... it doesn't look like this anymore. 

This was how it looked when we first moved in and before I tweaked the decor. Those red chairs are back in the dining room and the blue chairs (from yesterdays post) are back here in the kitchen nook area. 


The chandelier will most likely get painted when I redo the furniture in the near future. I am thinking about white, just for the wood  part. 

This is the top on the hutch.

Those little yellow cats are symbolic of my big cat named Norton. He was found in the shipyards of Norfork, Va. when he was a little tiny kitten and was so dirty and oily that he was thought to be a black cat .

He traveled all the way from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast of Washington State. All that way in the backseat of my daughter's car... along with her sailor husband, a toddler and a baby. 

His next move was down the Pacific Coast to Northern California in a mini van. He squeezed in with three dogs, another cat, a very elderly grandma, two grand kids, a grown daughter and of course me. 

The Mr. had already moved a month or so before and the boys flew. That was a preview of how our three cross country moves would be like over the next 12 years.

The coyotes got Norton one month later... right off our front porch. No one had warned me about coyotes. I sure miss that cat. He lived seven happy years. The other animals all lived to be over 14-17 years old.

Okay... back to the kitchen. 


This little (inexpensive) hutch was purchased online as a display for the shop I had in Texas. (I have two of them.) I will be painting one of them black to coordinate with the table and chairs that will also be painted black. I am thinking of replacing the back of it with some beadboard paneling painted white.

The Shaker pie safe cabinets (from yesterday's post) are actually sitting on each side of the hutch at the present time. 

As soon as I paint the table, chairs, hutch and pie safes, I will take more pictures to share  with you. I am pretty sure I will be going with black as I have two tall skinny chicken pictures framed in black that go above the pie safes.

Well thanks for letting be share my kitchen(s) today and yesterday. If you missed the Texas kitchen yesterday be sure to take a peek. It showed more of the Americana dishes and painted furniture pieces.

I am joining these parties:
Tabletop Tuesday
Sunny Simple Sunday

Bunny Jean


Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Americana Kitchen ~ Part One

It’s time to bring out my Americana Dishes


Those three little tins were found at the Goodwill. They were already painted that color and all I did was print out and add the number tags. The little drums are Christmas ornaments from my twin boys when they were just little guys.


These blue glasses were a gift (over two years ago) from Marigene from In The Middle Of Nowhere
It was my first bloggy gift and I was SO surprised!

Thanks again Marigene!


These were my everyday dishes for many years. They are Susan Winget from 1994. The napkins were from Sears and I still have the matching seat pads.


This covered pie dish was added in 2006 and was found at Tuesday Morning. Printed all around the bottom plate is  
“As American As Apple Pie”.

My Former Texas Kitchen


This is what the kitchen looked like back in 2008. I loved those Waverly curtains… and so did the new owners so I left them. The wall paper was from Big Lots and was actually quite nice. It was a name brand that had been discontinued. But for that particular house in Texas it was perfect. 

Red and white ticking stripes on the bottom and small navy stars on a mottled beige background on the top half.  
Yes... I even liked the border! 

Also, that little highchair in the corner is a real antique from the 1900's.  It was found in an old barn on a ranch in the Gold Country Hills of California.

The chandelier was something I bought when I worked at Ethan Allen in Northern California. The color band were perfect with that kitchen.


The dining set was an unfinished set from 1982. We first stained it a very dark, almost espresso to match the cabinets in the Washington State home. In 1985 I painted the set blue. 

I also broke the ‘wood law’ of mankind and painted the kitchen cabinets the same blue. They had round cherry stained knobs and it all looked very Shaker like. 

The Mr. even made little cubbies under the top cabinets. Then I got even more daring and insisted on  the same cherry stain for…

Wood countertops and a wood floor!

Back then everyone told me just wasn’t done. Not back in the 80’s. So I settled for wood look Formica counters but I did get wood floors… to the dismay of all my neighbors.  

Funny how they all loved it once it was done.


This is still the Texas kitchen from 2008. You can see The Mr. hadn’t let me paint the cabinets in this home. I did have plans to paint the island blue, but we moved.

The blue cabinet is actually two Shaker pie safes that I had in the previous house I had mentioned earlier. They are just what the blue kitcjen cabinets had looked like.

Well that's it for My Americana Kitchen ~ Part One. I will be back tomorrow to share My Americana Kitchen  ~ Part Two how the kitchen looks here in my home in the California desert.

Bunny Jean

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Tabletop Tuesday
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #40

Happy Happy Spring!

Yes... I know it actually getting closer to being summer, but I always seem to be a little late to catch on. In fact I was late to my own party again this week :/ 

Most of you have been really busy lately. Hopefully you have had some nice weather to enjoy  your gardens and not just do your “spring cleaning”!

I have tried to get some gardening done on the cooler days… Sunday it was forecasted  to be 107 but I don’t really know how hot it got…. just too hot for me. So I stayed inside and tried to clean and organize.


Buddy was sitting out on the patio while I had my morning coffee. His highlight of the day is when I take him (and Buster) for a walk. Lately I have been too lazy in the mornings. I have to go before 6-7 a.m. or it gets too hot, so we go at night after sunset. Last night it was 97 degrees at 10 p.m. Notice that the candles are not sitting on the candlesticks... they will melt if I put them out this time of year.

A few evenings ago we almost stepped on a snake. It was directly just a few feet in front of us. I am so glad the dogs were sidetracked by someone coming out of their house... we stopped and then I saw it. It looked like a rattler. (This was just a few doors down from our house.) It was very still... and when it did move it went sideways just like a Sidewinder. Yikes! I will be getting the dogs vaccinated ASAP!

Enough of that...  
Now it's time to share some highlights from last weeks party.


Hyacinths for the Soul 

Sarah shared a lovely tribute to her mother.

Savannah Granny

Ginger shared such pretty photos of the flowers in her garden.


The Girl in the Wild West

Helengrey is a new blogger and this is her first time sharing at the Bunny Hop. Please take a look at some of her other posts and get to know her.

If you were featured at the Bunny Hop, you are more than welcome to take this bunny button home to display on your sidebar.

So now it is time to party!
I hope every one has a great time sharing and visiting as many other links as possible.


Bunny Jean

Friday, May 18, 2012

How Do All of You Do It?


I don’t mean to get personal, 

but I really want to know.

Do you have a secret technique or is it just haphazard. Do you have a schedule or is it spontaneous? Is it getting easier the more you do it? Is it still fun or is it becoming a chore?

I am asking about blogging… silly.

What else is there?

I have no idea how so many of you do it. You all have the best projects to share and with such regularity. I am totally in awe of all the wonderfully creative and prolific bloggers who are sharing day after day!

I am certainly not in that category. 

At least not yet...

I spend WAY too much time writing a post… so much that it has become something I avoid instead of looking forward to. The fact that I can’t type may be part of the problem, but it’s also formatting my post.

So I will try Windows Live Writer


The other thing that I find to be time consuming is PICTURES. Not just taking them… mostly because I don’t have a good camera, but it’s also the process of editing and watermarking.


I need to find a photo editing/storage program that I like.


The really bad news it that all my pictures were stored on my desktop computer that just died. I had been in the process of organizing them and even trying to get a stockpile of edited and watermarked all ready to use :( 



How do YOU do it?


Bunny Jean

The Bunny Hop Party is still accepting links 
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Death of My Computer


I have known for awhile that my desktop computer was ailing, but I have been able to revive it a few times... up until last night. I think it was a virus...

So here I am using my laptop. I guess I am "old school" because I much prefer the larger scale of the desktop computer... I may finally get my house in order.

What kind of PC do you use as your main way to blog? I ask this because I have noticed that my carefully spaced paragraphs are totally out of whack on this little laptop! 
Oh... and the color is way off too!

This really bothers me!

I think that most of you already know that I have a bit of OCD.  I need things to be balanced... in life, decor and especially on my blog!

Now I know that not all computers are the same as mine and your screen resolution may be set up differently. Yes, this does make a difference in how you actually view what I have so carefully placed on my blog.

Have I mentioned that I like control?

With so little in life that I can actually control... 
the fact that I am in charge of my blog is satisfying. 
Is that asking too much?

So here I am... cringing at the fact that my past posts (written on my desktop) have paragraphs that are not as I 'crafted' them. They are all wonky, and I can't stand it!

 I  just can't stand it when a line has just one 
So I am always careful to space my sentences so they don't look like 

This is just not acceptable!

Sooo, it was very hard to write this post. As you can see (depending on your resolution) that many sentences look just as awkward as does that  example sentence.

Maybe I should stop 'centering' and go with the left side alignment. I know the 'professional' blogs do, but I am only a little 'hobby' blogger and I just want it cute.

Okay... Is it just me?

Is anybody else bothered by this? I am sick and tired of how the preview isn't even the same once it's published! I have tried Live Writer and still had problems...

If you have any suggestions or feedback please help a girl out...

Bunny Jean

The Bunny Hop Party 
is still going on and you are all welcome 
to hop on over and join in on the fun!

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