Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Love Birds

If you know me at all, 
you know I love birds.

Buzzard Cage

These are my new "Love Birds"... 
Halloween Love Birds! 

I already had a bird cage, 
but it was just not their style.

Buzzard Cage

It was great for my canary, 
but these birds needed something different.

They needed something dark, 
more suited for their personality.

Buzzard Cage

So out came the spray paint and I painted it black.

Now doesn't that look better?

Buzzard Cage

See something special at the bottom of the cage?

Buzzard Cage

The Love Birds are going to have a family!

Buzzard Cage

Just in time for Halloween!

I am sharing at these fun parties:
Home sweet Home @ The Charm Of Home  
 Wednesdays Bunny Hop @Bunny Jeans Decor  
Feathered Nest Friday @ French Country Cottage
Transformation Thursday @ Shabby Creek Cottage

Thanks to all these great hosts!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #12

Another week, another party!

I just can't believe that it is almost Halloween!
I bet we will see a lot of SPOOKY posts
 at this week's Bunny Hop!

(Read about this picture when I add my post to to the party!)

Last week's party was a little different. Not as many participants,  but WAY MORE PARTICIPATION! 
I like that just fine.  Hopefully that trend will continue. 

I don't expect everyone to visit ALL the other links, 
or leave a comment on EVERY link they do visit. 
That would be asking a lot!

I just want you to understand the "spirit" of what this party is all about. Helping YOU to get your blog seen, and also to connect to other bloggers!

Thanks to all of you sweet bloggers that 
understand what I am trying to do for you... 
I certainly do appreciate what you do for me!

About the featured posts...

You all know the the first to link up usually get the most views. It is that way with any party.

So this week ...

I will feature New bloggers who came to the 
Bunny Hop Party for the very first time!

They are welcome to take the 
"I Was Featured at the Bunny Hop" 
button home to their sidebar!
(located on my sidebar)


BOO to you... 
Now go have some fun!

Click here to learn how to take buttons home to your post and/or sidebar.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Apples and Old Lace

No Arsenic today…
Just sweet memories for this old lady.

(Remember that old movie "Arsenic And Old Lace" starring Cary Grant?)

Today I wanted to share my the kitchen nook in my new desert home. Even though we have been here almost a year, I have yet to really “decorate” it. This is the first time showing my kitchen because I am kind of embarrassed that it is not yet a completed project… if there is such a thing in home decorating.

That lace doily on the cake stand was my mother’s. I have two smaller ones that match. They were on the “hard rock maple" colonial furniture that I grew up with.

When I started my first home in 1970 I was NOT going to have that “yucky old stuff” in my home! NO WAY… it was all black leather (pleather), chrome and glass.  I wanted my “own style”…  even though it looked like everyone else’s. Lol.

Then “country” hit big in the mid 80’s. I was hooked on this “new” style. Silly me. I found that I actually felt more comfortable in a country style home. Warmer colors and comfy textures and patterns. PATTERNS! Wow…I was the queen of multiple patterns in one room. Talk about visual overload… did you use lots of patterns back then?

This is the little hutch (one of two) that I once had as a display piece in the Texas gift shop where I leased space and sold my decor items. That was four years ago.

Red Apple Kitchen 024
The Susan Winget dishes are from almost twenty years ago. I should get newer ones but I am sentimental. My Children and grandchildren ate on these dishes before we we “all” grew up and moved on. If I do get newer ones these will for sure get safely packed away. Does that make me a hoarder?

Those valances have traveled to five homes so far. I just put them up for this photo shoot. Took two sets and layered them. They stayed in the box for the six years that we lived in Texas. They don’t know it yet, but they are just temporary. See where I put one set in the back of the hutch? (You can see it better in the previous picture) I put it there because that hutch didn’t have any wood backing in that spot.

Yes, country is still very much still alive in my kitchen. Now that the “new  farmhouse country” has become popular, maybe I can just update it somewhat. Stay tuned to see the "New Country Farmhouse" kitchen makeover.

That chandy is something I got when working at Ethan Allen. I won’t ever part with it. Maybe just paint the wood off white… when I get around to doing my kitchen update.

You can see that I definitely need to add some depth to the room. Maybe wainscoting or board and plank details. I really, REALLY want to put in a nice deep cushioned 4-6 inch (sofa) banquette!  I would then put a few shelves on the length of the wall for my dish display. I have SO many stuffed away… Where do you hide all your dishes?

I thank you for sticking around to hear me relive my decorating past. Actually I am still living in that past… lol. One day I will get it all updated.  Hopefully.

This week I am sharing at these wonderful parties:

Show Off Your Cottage Monday @ The House In the Roses 

Table Top Tuesday @ A Stroll Thru Life

FarmHouse Friday @ LaurieAnna's

Home Sweet Home @ The Charm Of Home

I want to thank all the lovely hostesses 
for making it possible for me to share my blog.

xoxo Bunny Jean

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Pumpkin Heads

This is Buddy.


Buddy is the one on the top.


My three  four little pumpkin heads…

The Four Pumpkin Heads

xoxo Bunny Jean

Did you see this yet?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kid’s Halloween Party Dishes

Halloween is for kids so…


I have changed out my fall dishes



…for the kid’s Halloween dishes.


This is a cute little mug and dessert plate 
that I got at Ross two years ago.



Here is the little kitty costume dish and cup.


How about this "devilish" Devil set.


The "fatter than fat" pumpkin set.


Last, but definitely not least
is Little Miss Witch.



I stuffed the mug with shredded paper.
On Halloween night it will be filled
with "Orange" Hot Chocolate!


I found this Orange Hot Chocolate at Ross.
I tried it out and it is sweet! Tastes a little
like Hershey's Strawberry Drink.

I got it because of the cute little witch on the tin.
It is decorated by Mary Engelbreit.

Every guest gets a favor bag.



The favor bag matches the larger
"Trick or Treat" bag that is also the placemat.


I turned the bags over to used them as placemats.


I didn't really have a candle holder for
these candles, so I just used an orange
cereal bowl that I got at Ross.


These green salad plates also came from Ross.


The green tulle adds a bit of dimension.


I got these little bears at the Dollar Tree for... 
you guessed it... one dollar!


Here is the close up of the Witch Shoes
cake stand that I also got a Ross.


Meet Mr. Pumpkin Head!


There's Mr. Pumpkin Head, 
sitting on the china hutch.



The candle light makes it all look so festive.



Looks like some "spirits" have arrived.
I think it is time to go!



I am participating at these parties:

Thank you Susan!

Thank you Kim!


Don't forget my party...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #11

Yes it is time for...
Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party.

I LOVE Autumn! Don't YOU?
I think it is all the warm and cozy colors.
Not to mention all the yummy food!

Last week’s party was full of colors
and I want to share three of my favorites in 
in no particular order.

My Favorite Picks!

The Front Porch… Autumn Style @ Country Glamour Home

Autumn Entertaining @ With A Dash Of Color

Spooky Mantle @ a wee Meenit

Don't Forget ...
If you were featured this week…
be sure to get your button!

Just copy the code and put in your sidebar.
(How to make or take a button home)


There were a lot of lovely entries for last week’s party.


I am concerned that 
that very few of you visited the other posts!
(it is obvious from my administrative inlinkz stats)

What’s up with that?

This party is a small party in comparison to the parties with 200- 500 entries.  It is meant to be small… By limiting this party to newish bloggers I was hoping to enable you to make connections to other new bloggers.

Like making our “own group” 
of blogging buddies.

Yes, I do understand that some of you are linking up to over a dozen parties… and I thank you for taking time to link up to mine. But I hate that I, as with many party hosts, am now having to set the linky up so that you can not join without a required link back to the party.
 Are you really in that big of rush?
Oh, and there's more...

Please don’t just “link and run”.

I really don’t mean to lecture you, but I believe that blogging is a give and take process. If you want someone to look at your blog, then go visit theirs. It is also nice to leave a comment when you like something… if you have the time. 
I bet you like comments!


Established blogs with thousands of followers are great to look at. BUT… they will very rarely visit back, comment or “follow” you. They simply do not have time. They do however keep in touch with a lot of their original followers.

Now it gets personal…

Out of just over 30 entries last week, only three (3) of you
left a thank you for my efforts.

I don't expect everyone to comment,
but that is WAY down from the previous weeks. 

Why is that? 

I have removed those (3) comments from view so as not to
directly point any fingers at the 28 others who did not .

And no, those (3) who left me a kind comment were
not necessarily the three post that I featured. 

Don't you like me anymore? 

Just kidding... sort of. But I am still visiting all of you!
Hence that is why I feel a bit unappreciated 
when I don't even get a simple thank you.

After all... hosting a party does take considerable time. 
I must add that one or two of you may have
thanked me in a private e-mail and 
I thank you for that :]

xoxo Bunny Jean

If I offended any of you I am sorry. I know that some of you believe in "blogging without obligation". Yes, you are free to lurk all you want on as many blogs as you want. Just be polite when someone is offering you a platform to share your blog with others.

I also know that by Wednesday that many post may have already been seen somewhere else, and that late comers may not get as many. But quite a few got just one viewing this week!
I just want everyone to understand that the connections they make with new bloggers now will only help them in the future.

xoxo Bunny Jean

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