Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party # 8

This week I have a one BIG blogging tip for
the new bloggers that have been so sweet
to join my Bunny Hop Party.

I know that most all "old" bloggers will agree
that the Word Verification is not really
necessary for spam control.

It is basically a deterrent for those viewers
that don't like it (most don't) and they
may not leave you a comment.


But I still take the time to jump through all the
hoops and leave you a nice comment...
because I'm like that :)

 The three most viewed post from last week:

Changing Up My Hutch @ Country Glamour Home

Kitchen Redo @ Our Home In The Maples

My Glam Bath @ For The Love Of White

My Favorite of the week :

Upholstered Headboard @  Making It Homey

Just because she had so many good things to share,

Janae's Birthday #22 @ For The Love Of White

Thanks again for sharing!


Thanks to ALL last week's party participants.
I enjoyed viewing all your lovely blogs.
Yes, every one of them!

I noticed the number of participants went down a bit.
It might have been because some of you had
trouble linking up last week.

Sorry about that, but I enabled Linkz to
accept only the posts that had a
back link to me.

Linking back is expected at all parties,
in fact it is only polite to do so.
I hope you understand.

You need to take the Bunny Hop code and
place the button, or just a word link,
anywhere in your post.

You could even be SO SWEET as to place the the
Bunny Hop button on your sidebar.
( read the How To page)

Okay now...

Let's Get Hopping!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party #7

The Bunny Hop Is Back!

I took off last week and I really missed all of
you SOOO much! I want to thank you
for all the sweet comments. xoxo

The most viewed links for last weeks party:

Best Carrot Cake @ SEVEN ALIVE all livin' in a double wide

My Favorite for the week:

My White Living Room @ Not So Shabby Shabby Chic

Here is a button to take home if you were featured.

Thanks to all of you who participated last time.
I hope you all enjoyed visiting at least
a few of the other parties.

Remember we all love to get comments!


Sorry that the party was delayed...
there was an issue with the linky program.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party #6

I just have to tell all of you how much I
appreciate your participation in my
Bunny Hop every week!

As for me... I love to have this easy way
to find new blogs that I want to follow.
It's a win ~ win for me!

Before you link up for this weeks party,
take a minute to check out the most
viewed posts from last week.

Why Cuz I Can
Black, White and Striking

Shabby Sweet Cottage
Making Changes

The Lavender Tub
Bathroom Sign

My Fav Choice for last week:

Aquascape For The Landscape
Dream Pond

Here is a button to take home if you were featured.

The Bunny Hop is a party to help
"Newbies" get acquainted.
It is for bloggers with up to 500 followers.
(give or take... I'm pretty easy)
You may enter every week.
Projects, home decor, recipes, gardening.

All topics are welcome!

How to get the Button!

*** Thank you in advance for placing my
party link somewhere on your featured post.
You may use the picture (above) or a word link ***

Joshua Tree National Park

We took a road trip on Labor Day!

The Road to Joshua Tree National Park

We NEVER go anywhere on these holidays.
What's that?... Never say never?
Okay... here is what we did!

Took a SHORT trip up the hill to, drum roll...
Joshua Tree National Park!
In Southern California.

I actually remembered to take my camera! 
But the battery was dead. 
So I took pictures with my iPhone.

The park is known for it's rock formations 
and Joshua Trees

These are HUGE rock formations

 A strange looking Joshua Tree.
Looks like it's half tree and half yucca.

The beginnings of a Joshua Tree.


This photo almost looks like a painting because I enhanced it. All my other photos are natural except for some cropping.

These rocks are just kind of stacked up against each other. 
You have no idea just how big they are until you get up close.

This one looks like a nose.

See the crow hiding between the branches?

Maybe it's a raven because it must be BIG.
Maybe it is a hawk or even an eagle?

Hellooo up there...

People come from around the world
to climb on these rocks.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these pictures. 
Not too bad for iPhone shots!

But this video is something you
won't want to miss!

Be sure to turn on your sound!

This video is HTTPS secure.

Thanks for joining me today.

I am participating at these parties:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cute Bird Dishes for Autumn

Today I am joining Chari for her Sunday Favorites,
where we share a favorite post from the past.

This post was originally shared in
October of 2009, when I lived in Texas.

~ ~ ~

I wanted to share these sweet little birdie dishes,
you have to know by now that I LOVE birdies!

But I got distracted,
not an uncommon occurrence for me.
That in fact... is my M.O.

Have you ever noticed something in a photo
that you never noticed before?
Like DUST?!

I do have the Birdie Dishes to show you,
but most of the afternoon was spend
tending to my indoor garden!

Everyone knows that outside, in nature, moss grows on the North side of trees. Well it seems that there is some 'nature' happening inside too...

DUST  grows on the North side of the silk plants.
I consider North to be at the top... and East is on my right, and South is... well you get the picture. 

I only mention this because dust has been "growing" on the North side of my silk Foxglove plant. When I first noticed this I thought... cute, just the realistic touches that were meant to be there... like the cute moss on the pot.

Apparently NOT.  This was brought to my attention after my daughter read (yes, she read my blog) about my "Fall Dish Collection" and made an observation.   

She mentioned there was dust on the leaves.   I said it was just 'fuzzy leaves'.  Foxgloves really do have fuzzy leaves.  

But then a few days later I was taking pictures for
this post when a "little birdie" told me...
"There really is dust on the leaves."

I was in the middle of my "photo shoot" when
I zoomed in on the little bird house...
  and there it was...d.u.s.t.

Yes, I could see the dust.  Fine. 
Well I needed to get it off, without removing the
"fuzzy texture" that is supposed to me on the leaves.

Well... I can't wipe them off with a damp cloth, that would definitely remove the fuzz. The only alternative is to vacuum, carefully, the North side (top) of the leaves.

 I had to go through my WHOLE house
vacuuming all my silk plants.
I have a few... a few too many... I know.

I also know they are not
quite as wonderful as real flowers,
but they are always there when I need them.

The little birds thanked me...
what a couple of "tweeties"!

Now that really is just the fuzzy leaves.


Here are a few of the pictures that
I was able to take before
getting distracted.

Thanks Chari for giving us the chance to
share a favorite post again.

Are you getting in the mood for Autumn?
I am trying too, but it is still 110+ degrees
here in the So. California desert.

I cant wait for 'cool' 85 degree days!


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