Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wednesdays Bunny Hop Party #5

Yes, it's time to do the Bunny Hop!

Last week must have been a busy week for you.
There were only 30 Hopping Bunnies...
But we all had fun!

This party is a showcase for "newish" bloggers who
have 500 folowers or less. It is a fun way for new
bloggers to find other new bloggers.

The three most viewed post were:

Simple Summer Bedroom @ Always Nesting

1929 Beautiful Arches @ Lavender Tub

Goodwill Hunting @ Vintage Shabby Chicks

My pick of the week was:

 Here is a button to take home if you were featured.

Thanks to all that participated.
I visited all of your blogs...
and left a comment.
(for those who added linkbacks)

Please be considerate
and link back to this party.

This linkback is standard for all parties.
It may be in the form of a picture with a link,
or just a word link. I'm easy that way.

It can even be on your sidebar.
After all it is rather cute.
At least I think so ;)

The Bunny Hop code is on the sidebar,
and the instructions on "how to"
is in my "pages" up top.

Please try to visit as many other participants
as possible, and leave a comment.
That is what the party is for.

Even I like a comment or thank you :]



Sarah said...

Mr. Linky isn't working for me. I have a link to this post within my post, but it tells me I don't. I've tried several times. Suggestions? ;-)

Karen said...

Hi Jean, I cant link up. I keep getting the message to link up. I linked two ways and its not working. Thanks for hosting, I'll check back later.

Karen said...

Hurray I'm able to link up! Those are great features Jean, thanks so much for hosting every week.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Bunny. It works now! Love that floor to ceiling gallery wall. Thanks for hosting. ~ Sarah

Tres Chere said...

Thanks Bunny for hosting. Hope you have a fabulous week!

Miss Kitty said...

Hi Bunny! Thank you so much for hosting this party for those of us with less than 500 followers. I'll be coming here for a long time...I'm a long way from THAT mark.

Joy Burkhart said...

Hey Bunny! Thanks for hosting - it's a joy to come to your blog!

Savannah Granny said...

Bunny, Thanks for hosting. Loving your blog, Have a nice week. Bunny hugs to you, Ginger

Savannah Granny said...

Thanks for you visit and kind comments. Have a great week. Ginger

vintageshabbychicks said...

Hi Jean...thank you so much for featuring us this week!! We really appreciate it :-)) Julie and Sharon

Sue said...

Thanks for reminding me to link up to your party, Bunny! I've been so busy, I haven't posted for 2 weeks! Nice to have another party to visit. :-) Sue

P.S. How's the weather in Palm Desert? When we were there a few years ago at this time, it was so hot! But I'll take dry heat over humidity any ol' day! :-) Sue

Cathy @My 1929 Charmer said...

Thank you so much for your newbie Linky party. This is one newbie who thanks you, it's great to have a place to share our inspiration with you and others. Thanks again for hosting.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Ok i have your party on my LIST now

and blogger is not very happy today or yesterday for some reason

thanks for the linky party


Bunny Jean said...

I must say that I am enjoying all the bloggy love this week.

Lots of sweet comments here and in emails :)

I am also making some great connections with others that I hope to know even better.

Sue... It has been very hot here and unusually humid last week. The week before almost reached a record of 119! (Only got to 117.)This week should be better... at 110 and getting lower.

Planting time for me will be coming soon!

Mimi said...

I am so happy to find this party! Thank you so much for hosting :) I am a big bunny lover - your button is way too cute!

Unknown said...

Hi jean,

Thanks for hosting...got a typo in my entry Memo Board Tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Hi! You sound like you have a tender heart and would be someone I could ask...please where is and what is a URL? When I leave a comment it says to put your name and URL. I'm putting my email in this so maybe if you have time you could shoot me a quick email and tell me where to find it? I'd really appreciate it! miannie1@yahoo.com Obviously I'm not a blogger since I'm just getting around - I'm old. So please if you could help? Thanks!!

Kristin said...

Thank you so much for the invite to your party!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the invitation and for hosting. I'm a new follower.

Poppy @ With a Dash of Color said...

Lovely features and so many inspiring links! Thanks for stopping by and inviting me and for your sweet comment. Just linked up! Have a wonderful evening!~Poppy


Sherry said...

I will put the link on my sidebar to your Bunny Hop Party and join in whenever I can.

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