Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Blog Crush!

It's time I came clean...
My Name is Bunny Jean
and I have blog crush.
There, I've said it!

There is a blog that I turn to for inspiration.

I was lucky to find this blog early on.
This blog has BEAUTIFUL photos.
It also has a wonderful storyline
that always made me feel calm...

So when I was feeling
adrift and out of control,
Brenda always knew what to say.
She didn't know it ...
but she was talking to ME.

I guess I not only have BLOG ENVY,
I actually have a "girl crush"
On Brenda... yes I do!

Well it just so happens that
Brenda is human too.
She has her ups and downs
just like the rest of us.

Recently she has been going through
a difficult "adjustment" so to speak.
But one thing sure is that she
will adjust with time.

She may now be feeling a bit
like a lost child... again. 
I know how those memories can
pop up during trying times.

But I hope she looks forward
and can see her possibilities.

I am confident that she will rise
above her situation and be
stronger  because of it.

She will do this for herself...
and still be and inspiration
for the rest of us!

Thank you Brenda
for just being you...
and sharing.


All photos are from Brenda's blog.
Cozy Little House.

1 comment:

Me and My Dog said...

Love your blog! I read lots of past posts yesterday and really enjoyed them. I look forward to going back to the beginning.

Thank you for your nice comments on my blog - I enjoyed meeting you, too, and spending an afternoon in the shade sharing a "real" conversation with another woman. If I ever pass close to your area, I'll let you know, and see if we can meet up. Thanks for the invitation! :)

Me and My Dog (Barbara)

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