Sunday, April 4, 2010

Best Easter Wishes!

I just wanted to join in on some of the Easter fun that has been happening here in blogland.

Between not feeling well and camera issues, I just haven't posted much lately. Too bad, because I have oodles of Easter decor, dishes, and bunnies!

Of course I have BUNNIES...

I have a wisdom tooth that has been acting up. Yes, I am an almost 58 year old with all four wisdom teeth! That may explain my "sinus" problems this spring.  Maybe even this  darn migraine thats been hanging around for the last week! [edit: I got a dentist appointment for Tuesday morning]

My camera just froze up and Hubby's camera dosen't like me, so I haven't wanted to post any pictures lately. Please just play along and squint to focus on the "not so clear pictures".


This is the dish shelf in my dining area.

I like to change it out for the holidays.

These dishes were purchased at
Cracker Barrel a few months ago.
I just couldn't wait until
they went on sale.

I love the texture.

See how the colors and shading
match the little bunny box?

Aren't those the cutest little
bunny salt and pepper shakers.

I picked up the bunny boxes
this year at Homegoods.

The little eggs cups match the dishes.

I wish I'd waited until they were on sale.
They always do right before the holiday,
 but I was afraid not all the pieces
would still be there.

I even got a matching coffee/tea set!

Each cup has wonderful detailing
just inside the rim.

I love my little Faux Goodies.
All 100% calorie free!

The sugar cube tongs were my
mother's. I didn't polish them
because I thought they accented
the little bird nest topiary...
and yes, I'm lazy.

The little sugar cube is also faux.

I got the bird nest topiary at the GW
for 2.00. I just needed to add some
moss and ribbon.

Wow... It appears that a rare lavender
feathered bird has layed some
pretty little eggs.

The wooden Easter sign is from Ross
and the egg garland is from TJ Maxx.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter!


Natasha said...

I absolutely love your beautiful dishes. I think you did the right thing getting them as I'm sure that you would have missed out when they went on sale. They are fabulous!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Adorable Easter goodies. Love all your "good stuff" but especially those plates. Those are just the cutest!!

Deb said...

I love all your sweet bunny dishes and the egg garland too! Hope the Easter bunny was good to you!

Me....bunny said...

Of course you have all the bunny decor silly.
Home goods is my favorite so much so, that I have to not drive by it because if I do...well, you know. Have a great week!


Bella said...

Hi Bunny Jean,
Thanks so much for all you kind comments!
I have been reading your blog and I "Heart" you back, I have signed up and put you on my blog roll... I look forward to visiting!
Love these bunny plates from cracker barrel The bunnies, purple irises, and little blue bird... perfection! I woukld have been scared to wait to buy.. afraid they would have sold out...Too Cute!

Anonymous said...

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nannykim/spindlecottage etc said...

So pretty!! I love your dish rack and display --it is so cottage--y and cheerful. I love the egg garland thing!! would love to have one of those!! It would also be fun to drink out of those cups!!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Bunny Jean, your dishes are just gorgeous!!!!! Oh, I have to take time and just drool over them.

Hugs, Barb ♥

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

That is a darling shelf arrangement. You have a wonderful collection! Linda

vignette design said...

What darling plates and bunnies Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Just for the record though, Dianna isn't my daughter, but my daughter's friend....I wish she was my daughter! haha. She does indeed have a gorgeous smile.

Bella said...

Hi again Bunny Jean, I had to share your comment made me laugh, you caught me in my secret... I live downtown Orting and the parade lines up in front of my house... and I don't like it at all! I think it's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there :-)
Hope your teeth are feeling better.. I had my wisdom teeth out in my 20's and still remember.

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