Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bedding, Curtains, and Whine...

My Springy Laura Ashley Sheets.


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This post was originally written on
August 16th 2009.

At that time I was "late" in trying to
finish up with my Spring/Summer
bedroom project.

Well... it is still not completed.

In fact I never even bothered to put
on the Winter Bedding, even though
this was one of the coldest, snowiest
winters here in Texas in years!

Anyway... here I am setting myself up
once again. I will do my darnest to
finish this one project. Really.

Nevermind that I have three chairs
sitting in the garage waiting to get
beautiful new dresses.

Or the wonderful GW pedestal kitchen
table that will one day be painted black,
or white... or maybe by the time I get
around to it, another color will be
the must have color.

Yes, I love to get ahead of myself.
Starting new projects (in my mind)
before finishing what's on hand.

I wish I could be like "Martha",
and have a whole entourage to actually
do all my projects for me.

I sooo want to be like the rest of you.
Posting on a daily basis with the most
wonderful, fantastic "finished" projects.

(How do you do it???)

Hmmm... maybe if I didn't spend so much
time visiting all of you, I would be doing
my own projects!?

(Don't worry folks, I am addicted to you!)

Hope your weekend is a good one!


August 16, 2009

My Spring/Summer lamps.

As you may already know... I started a master bedroom bedding and window treatment redo two weeks ago. I have a perfectly fine Winter set, but I wanted a lighter feel for the warmer months.

So... here it is August already,
and I still haven't finished!!!

But... that's not the worst part...

Being the procrastinator that I am... I had not purchased all the panels that I needed. So of course Walmart decided to put the curtain panels on clearance ... and now they were all gone!!!

I had enough for the windows but I also wanted to make a bedskirt out of them. So I spent two days going to four different Walmarts before finding the necessary three panels.


Now I just have to decide what kind of skirt I want. {I just tucked the window panel in between the mattress to get an idea of how it will look}

This picture shows
a gathered skirt
with vertical stripes.

This picture shows the stripes
going horizontally.


I sure would appreciate any ideas or opinions from any of you talented ladies :)

I will make the skirt longer (20-23") so that it will come up higher and there will not be a gap where the coverlet and skirt meet. 


Okay now... back to the curtains.

Yes!  I am cutting them in half.
I will explain later.

I have two narrow windows on either side of my king size bed and of course they are not centered...

{Yet another "thank you" to the builders}

Although my bedroom is not enormous (15x14) it is not as small as it appears in this picture. Those are not night stands... but good sized chests. I have a large armoire and a Secretary desk on wall opposite the bed.

I have extended the rod to give
the appearance of a larger,
 centered window.


I had a pair of burgundy panels up already and just needed the  one panel for the middle. But... I still want it to have the look of two panels.

{or it would tend look look a shower curtain}

So I cut it down the middle and I may add a trim to the leading edge.

So this is what it looks far.

I think the burgundy panels are
a bit too scrunched???

The bedskirt will finish the look.

I hope to get it done soon.
(before I change back to my Winter bedding...)


Edit April 18, 2010:

I am obviously afflicted
with decorating ADD.


Blondie's Journal said...

The drapes are just stunning! You did a wonderful job!


Lori E said...

I have so many projects I will have to live forever to finish them all.
I used to spend tons of time on my blog but I am working full time now and my blog is suffering and lonely. I post a couple times a week but the projects are not getting done.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Love the drapes. They are so pretty!

Cozy Little House said...

I tend to like the idea of vertical running stripes on that project. Don't worry. You're not alone. Most of what I get done are blooms. And that's the flowers, not me. Inside, not so much done!

Mimi said...

Love how you have done the drapes.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Bunny Jean...

Girl, you are certainly more industrious than I am! I certainly hear you though...I don't know how some of these gals do it...all the decorating and then the blogging about it! Hehe! I think you're doing a fantastic job!!!

I love, love, LOVE those Laura Ashley linens...gorgeous!!! Now I'm wondering if your finished that project in your guest room...I would love to see it! Ohhh...and your master bedroom is gorgeous!!! I love the pretty colors that you're using! Beautiful bed linens! I love the striped curtain panels...they really added the perfect touch to your windows!!! I don't know if you have finished making the bed skirt or not? I think that running the stripes horizontally or vertically looks great but I prefer the vertical! Ohhh...and I just adore those beautiful bird lamps...I'd love to have one!!! Sooo very pretty, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing both your guest room and master bedroom projects with us for Sunday Favorites today...I loved getting to see more of your fabulous home!!!

I hope that you're having a super Sunday!
Chari @Happy To Design

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Wow, your bedroom redo looks great! I have the SAME layout in my bedroom and could just shoot the architect that did the windows that way. I hate putting the nightstands right in front of the windows, but have no other choice!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the way your bedroom is turning out and who would think to turn a window covering into a bedskirt!!! Wonderful room, beautiful so far. I love your bed, like a princess and the pea bed :)

Woo Hoo! Wednesday starts Tuesday night so link up girlfriend and show off your Woo Hoo! bedroom!

bunny said...

You did great Bunny J. Yeah, I have the same intentions. There are so many projects I'd like to get going and every time I see someone's amazing efforts on their blogs...I wanna do that too. You have a good eye for decor...looking good!


Residential inspection said...

I always like to see a glass window near my bed.

Lori said...

Hi Bunny Jean
Well I did it! I posted about my misfortune with Catherine! However having a full blown migraine I oops and didn't mention what we talked about. Would you like to leave a comment to clarify your end of business away from her, I'll make sure its the first comment. Or tell me what you'd like for me to add at the post or in it! So sorry I goofed,been a uncomfortably day. Later,L

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Bunny Jean! How have you been? I miss you.
What a beautiful look you're creating here. Lookin Good!
Spring has kept us so busy outside with home and garden projects. We do a little each year. Pretty soon we can relax.
We also plan to sell the house one day so we're doing projects for re-sale.
I told my husband in our next house I want to rescue a "spent", mama dairy cow and her last baby. He is actually considering it! I don't want to live in the country, but there are still a lot of homes with "country yards" with farm animals in them. Right in town. I hope I still have 20 years left in me to raise them.
xo, Kelly

Room to Inspire said...

Your drapes are fabulous - it always amazes me how much impact window treatments really have on a room! They instantly add warmth and richness.


Anonymous said...

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