Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Remember Etch-A-Sketch?

This is how I spent some  way. too. much. of my afternoon...

Making virtual snowflakes.

Yes, me... the one who has complained
{maybe once or twice}
about being so busy with "The Move"!

That's right folks... I didn't even get "crafty" enough to actually get out the paper and scissors. These are all done on the computer. It was just like using an etch-a-sketch.

Yup... it's was just me goofing off. I have to say that it was fun... I needed a break.

I hope you enjoy looking at what I "made".
If you are interested in the program I used,
just let me know.


For all of you looking forward to,
or may be even dreading more snow...

I made  these little snowmen. 

This one looks a little
Southwestern to me.
Like a New Mexico snowflake.

This of course is for
Valentine's Day.

I tried to make Shamrocks
for St. Patricks Day.

Then I realized that a Shamrock has only
three leaves and a Four Leaf Clover has...
well you know. Duh!

Anyway... If you can do any better, 
then go for it... and why not make a
few Leprechauns while you're at it!
(Can you tell by my feistiness that this is
the one that took up most of my time?)

Ok, I've calmed down... a bit,
sorry about that.

Hey... I saved the best for last!

 It's Bunny Jean!!!

Okay... that doesn't really look like me.
I'm not exactly tall or svelte.

I'm more like this...

Warm and cuddly!
(without the big ears and feet)


So much for my creative endeavors
and wasted  fun afternoon.

I hope you've enjoyed these pictures and don't see TOO many snowflakes where you live. I hear that some areas are are expecting more snow... on top of snow.

Stay warm! 


Anonymous said...

LOL, what a fun way to pass the day. Sometimes we all need that down time in our lives.

Anonymous said...

So I wanna make some.....tell me how??

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