Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last day to enter for this...

You have just a few more hours
to enter the Pumpkin Head Box
giveaway... up until midnight
West Coast time!

Go here to enter to WIN!

See how CUTE he is?!

I am having this giveaway
because I couldn't find the
"right" spot to display him.
But I just couldn't make
myself take him back...

Then with all my rearranging
things for my "photo shoots"
he ended up here...

I think he looks pretty happy
here. Don't you think?

But alas... I have promised him
to one of you. I know you will 
give him a good home!

See the windsock hanging over
the pole of my floor lamp?

That windsock is over 15 yrs old.
I have shown a few of my relic
Halloween decorations in
my last few posts.

So HURRY UP and go enter for
this Pumpkin Head Box.

Good luck to everyone!

I will announce the winner
tomorrow afternoon.


nannykim at spindle cottage said...

--clever idea on the use of the wind sock--that is fun!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

So cute -- "Pick me! Pick me!!!" (both arms waving over head)

Sarah said...

Your Halloween decor looks great. I'm going to check out the your previous posts to see your other decorations.

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