Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I have to admit...I've been "skirting the issue".

Yes, it is true...
I've been avoiding a problem!

I have two sinks in my house that I don't love. One is a pedestal sink that is in my small guest bathroom, and the other is in the laundry room.

For this week's Metamorphosis Monday 
and Transformation Thursday I want to
 share how I solved the problem in the
 guest bathroom. 

Please visit Susan (Monday) and
Gina (late Wed evening) to get their
link so that you may visit their blog
and see every one's new projects.
(Their links are at the bottom of this page)


 My "Builder's Special" bathroom.

The guest bathroom is only 4.5' feet x 5.5',
and the sink bowl is too big and modern
looking. I would rather have a smaller,
rectangular, vintage looking sink.


I also don't like the fact that the sink is off
center... and you can see the plumbing!

What is wrong with those builders?!!


This sink has been a sore spot with me since
we moved into this pre-owned home.
All I wanted was the sink moved over to
the right by a mere two inches.

How hard could that be? Right?

Just so happens that this is one thing, er... one of the things that Mr. Man didn't feel the need to fix right away. I think he is somewhat of a procrastinator, but then... we have only lived here for... um... five years!

I hear what you are saying...
"Just go out and get a new sink and
make sure time it is placed correctly!!!"

Yes, okay, alright... I have tried. I have been visiting the "big two" and looking at sinks, vanity lights and faucets for months, and months, and well...

I can't make a decision and so I just put it off.
I guess we are both procrastinators.

 Guess we are actually a pretty good match,
that may explain the last 30 years...

It seems that we are becoming more alike
with each passing year.

Just kidding...

We only actually dress alike
when "lounging" at home.


Well anyway... one day my Mr. Man ran out on a quick 1/2 hour errand. Plenty of time for me to tackle that sink issue... all by myself !!!

Wouldn't he be surprised to see that I, single handedly, had finally taken care of our my problem.

When he arrived back home I announced that I
 had finally fixed that off center sink that had been bothering us me.

Well he gave me that "look".
This is not my Hubby's face...
(but the look is!)

It's the look that he knows... that he now has to fix a problem, that I caused... by doing something that he should have already done!

So anyway... he goes into the bathroom expecting to see the sink hanging off the wall, disconnected pipes, and water all over the floor.

Serves him right!

I wait for his reaction.
Doesn't take long.

It is a big sigh of relief... as if he is thinking that he still has his Saturday afternoon to do
as he had planned.


Well I had simply "skirted" the problem

as I sometimes do with
unpleasant issues.

Now my plans (for him) for the afternoon
 was to install the new faucet!

I love this faucet!!!


I will share with you another time how I made the skirt and what I used for the material. You can also
go look here for more of the bathroom pictures.

But for now make sure you take a look at all the other projects listed in Susan's Met Monday and also Gina's Thursday Transformation.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Blogging!


Bill said...

You skirted the issue beautifully! Your solution added so much color, charm, and warmth ... nicely done! The new faucet is the perfect finishing touch.

Hope your week goes well.


Shelia said...

Oh, I love how your skirted the issue! This is so cute! Aren't you the most creative one. You made lemonade with your lemon!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

dee dee said...

Excellent job! Must say I love the faucet too! I enjoy the humor your express in your blogs, much thanks for laughs...
Dee Dee

bj said...

ahhhh...I love your tailored sink skirt. I always wondered how they stay attached to the sink??
Oh, and thanks for stopping by my black and white room. I would LOVE a pretty chandy in there but, alas, we live in such a hot area...West Texas, that we would all die without ceiling fans......:O(
I signed up to follow your cute blog....
Thanks for the excellent suggestion, tho!!
xo bj
Oh...I went back and looked at other photos of your bath...I just bought and Mr. Sweet installed in our master bath, the same light fixture you have...Don't we love Lowes!!!!!

Debi said...

Where did you get your faucet? I LOVE it!!!

Lori said...

Perfect solution. I LOVE the faucet!!

cindy@cottageinstincts said...

Crack me up! I love what you did with the skirt and that faucet is amazing :o) Great transformation, girl!

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

Just the perfect solution I love the look and i really like the faucet, very pretty...thanks for sharing

Anna said...

I have an ugly pedestal sink in my downstairs bathroom, yours is much nicer looking than the one I have. I had never thought of putting a skirt on it! You have to share where you got your new faucet too, that is something I need to change out in all our bathrooms.

nannykim at spindle cottage said...

As I have said, I have a sink that is very similar to yours. We had a very old sink before which needed replacing because they couldn't get parts for it!! (sounded fishy to me!!)..anyways they put one like yours in the place of the old one--It has given us a lot more room in that tiny bathroom. I have also considered skirting it..but not sure I want to. Did you use some kind of two-sided tape to do yours. I would like to find out encase I ever do decide to skirt it.

Sheri said...

LOL, if nothing else your post made me laugh. Great job on the skirt. Builders these days...sigh. I have two light switches side by side and one is a good inch higher than the other, I ask you why did the builder NOT install a double switch??

If you haven't already come link up to my Room a Month Link party (Every Monday!)

nannykim at spindle cottage said...

Hey--just wanted to let you know that to visit my site you don't need my picture in the comments. You can click on nannykim at spindle comments if you go to your comments on your blog where I commented. (It may not work if you read it in your email however).Try it and see and let me know

nannykim at spindle cottagage said...

oops--I meant click on "nannykim at spindle cottage"

Lindsey @ Better After said...

Hey, I have that same sink! Now I just need to learn to sew. Looks great!

Sarah said...

wow, super clever solution! and i LOVE the old ad pictures :)

Delightful Dwelling said...

What a neat solution, I love it! I also adore that new faucet, it is awesome!

{ L } said...

You're so funny! Fun post to read. I LOVE that faucet!

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