Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party #4

Why do YOU blog?

 To me blogging is a journey,
not a destination...

Enjoy the scenes along the way.

Have you ever been in a hurry?
Clicking from one blog to another
without feeling any real connection?

I think we all have at times.
 I find that when it happens to me
that blogging becomes less enjoyable.

So I remind myself to...

Take time to enjoy blogging, and not to be
in such a hurry to get to the end of the road.

Slow down and enjoy the blogging!

Going to a party should not be a
chore that you feel rushed to get through.
It should be enjoyed... so have fun!

I just want to thank all of you for coming
to my Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party.
Whether you link up or just visit!


Would you be so sweet as to share
your thoughts on the following five questions?

What is your reason for blogging?
Do you take time to really enjoy it?
Do you actually read a post, or just scan?
Do you make a connection with other bloggers?

Do YOU leave comments?

Thank you :)
~ ~ ~

Please take time to review the party guidelines.


Always Nesting said...

Does it count if I lost my followers with my new Always Nesting? I'd love to hook up my new bedroom.:)I'm going to do a giveaway soon to try to bring back those I've lost or don't know I'm here.

Yes, I read because there is usually heart in the written word but I also love good photography that gives me the visual. I have to honestly admit that photos make me want to be a better decorator but the words make me want to be a better person, if that makes any sense at all.

I believe I blog because I am creative and it's an outlet for that creativity. Plus, it's a group, a team so to speak and I love being part of a team, lifting each other up. Absolutely I make connections with other bloggers. Kindred spirits I believe we are.

Yes, I love comments and I love to leave comments. I type realllllly fast and that helps.

Always Nesting said...

Remembered I didn't have 500 Followers in my old Always Nesting so here I am. :)

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Bunny,
I have joined in the bunny hop todoy..
I blog because I enjoy the sharing of ideas from cooking, decorating, crafting, sewing, kniting, crocheting and vacations with eachother. Its fun to see all the decorations and how are friends live from other countrys. I learn someting new everytime I read a post.
Sometimes I do scan..if its something that has been posted about many times around blogland.
I have many new friends that I adore! blogging has been fun but a lot of work and time.
I do leave comments, sometimes after reading a post that has me left with a lump in my throut I won't leave a note right away, I will think about the right words to try and help with their troubles..
sometimes its hard to know what to say to someone who is hurting.
All and all I would say blogging has been great!.
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

Lynda @ Uber Savvy Buzzword said...

Hello Bunny,
I began blogging recently to hold myself accountable to creating again. People think that just because I am an art teacher that I manage to get plenty of my own work done, and really since I became pregnant with my first child the complete opposite has been true. So now that my children are almost all in school, I am getting snippets of time to myself again. I have picked up the pieces of my creative soul and I am hot glue gunning them back together. For better or worse I have chosen to document this on my blog.It is fun to learn about the whole blogosphere- a universe with so much potential that I didn't even know existed until this year (I'm soooo behind- der)

I always try to leave comments on a number of blogs- it is not a task, it is something I enjoy doing.

Thanks for hosting again.

Joy Burkhart said...

Hi Bunny Jean! I'm going to link a post I did Monday with the Bunny Hop. I'm feeling not so good this week, so do have the energy to post what I wanted to. Hope you don't mind. I do love the hop and meeting new bloggers. It's amazing how sweet they can all be, just like you!
Take care and God Bless,

Joy Burkhart said...

oops, meant DON'T have the energy. guess I need to proofread better! LOL!

Tres Chere said...

We are new at blogging and we are just so amazed with the amount of support we have received from such strong and amazing women. We love looking at everyones creativity and are always inspired to better. Thank you for hosting your link party for the Blogger newbies!

Veronica said...

Hi. Yes we need to connect properly and get more out of the post and I find now that I have the hang of it all I do slow down and enjoy more! I began blogging in May and it has given me something to enjoy whle i go through a bad patch! I have met so many wonderful friends around the world and have even started another blog on Cape Town. I have gotten so much out of blogging and have learnt so much it is astonishing. most of all i love the inspiration and sharing with like minded people!


Creative in Chicago said...

My first time joining your bunny hop, thanks for hosting!

Dianne said...

Hi Bunny,
Thanks for you kind comments. I blog b/c I have run out of people to talk too! Not really, I just love this blogging community I discovered with similar passions. I scan first and if it grabs me, then I read it all. I also love really good photos and always marvel and how someone captured the perfect image. I leave comments when something grabs me, I like what see, and if someone asks a question. I love receiving comments so I also try to respond in kind. Dianne

Angela McInnis said...

Blogging has been one of the most enjoyable experiences! I do take time to read others blogs and I comment most of the time. I found myself wanting more followers and getting discouraged when they didn't come on board...UNTIL...I realized that was NOT the reason I originally began blogging and made myself "cool it" with the "followers" thing! It's just fun and I love making new friends!
Thanks for hosting this party and for stopping by my blog!

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