Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pretty In Pink Valentine's Day Dishes

Today I would like to share a 
"Pretty in Pink" Valentine's Day 
tablescape I shared two years ago. 


This little rose topped trinket box, 
that is sitting on the doily, was given to me 
by my grand daughter many years ago.

Isn't it just precious?
What could be inside???

Oooh... a necklace from my Hubby.

It has Diamonds on both sides.

I love diamonds, don't you?

These little pink heart dishes were 
purchased from Ross a few years back. 
The cream dinner plates are from TJ Maxx.

These yummy looking frosted brownies
100 % calorie free!  Yes they are!!!

They are faux! 
That is a fancy French word for false or fake. 
They have "frosting and whipped cream".

 See how real those chopped nuts look.

Hubby gave me the most beautiful long stemmed roses a few years back. They arrived in that hand painted vase. 
However these roses are silk.

I love these pink glasses that I found at Tuesday Morning. The pink votive holders are from Ross.

These little sugar cubes are decorated with 
dainty "frosting" roses... and they are also faux

These pink napkins are made from some
 Waverley fabric remnants.

The flatware is just stainless but it is 
trimmed in real gold and is still very pretty... 
although inexpensive.

~Optical Illusion~
Does the glass on the right look like it 
is upside down? Or is the one on the left? 
It is just an optical illusion. 

I hope you have enjoyed all this pinkness as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for you!

Don't forget...

Bunny Jean

Parties where I will be sharing:
Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party @ Bunny Jeans Decor
Tablescape Thursday @ Between Naps On The Porch
Lauries Valentines Par-tay
Pink Saturday

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #25

It's time for the Bunny Hop Party!

I could use a fun party right about now.
I've been trying to make a new banner for
February and Valentine's Day. 

I spent a LOT of time with not much success.
Maybe I will have it ready by tomorrow.
But for now I will share this...

I bet that you are all getting in the mood for 
Valentine's Day and will be sharing lots of 
beautiful pictures and great ideas.

Please enjoy the party this week...
and remember that 
ALL BLOGGERS are invited!

Bunny Jean

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Am I The Only One Who Didn't Know?

Do you know what a "doyenne" is?

I bet most of you do... but I didn't.
I had to look it up on an internet dictionary.
Then I had to find one that would pronounce it for me.


I read that homemaker "doyenne" Martha Stewart 
is going to develop some sort of mini-shops 
within the J.C.Penney stores. 

source: AP file

Check out my blog next week when I share my terrarium.
I might even share a photo of me making it.
After all I am a "doyenne" too!

source: My file of bad hair days

Yes, I am the "old woman" in my group,
and we can both (sorta) wear yellow!
Btw... I am much younger!

Okay... back to Martha.

Wasn't she selling things for Macy's?
So now it appears that Macy's just may be 
suing "doyenne" Stewart.

If you have some time on your hands 
and want to read more about that, 
just click here.

But I bet you'd rather know a little more 
about saving money at J.C.Penney.
If you even shop there...

I am not really sure that lowering their prices 
is what people really want from that store.
I for one, would like more.

Anyway... back to the big news.

All merchandise will be marked down by 40% 
and they will have Every Day, Month-Long Values
and Best Prices after the initial 40% reduction.

Sounds kind of like WalMart to me.
But apparently they will go through all merchandise 
prices from last year and actually reduce it.

Not last years merchandise, but the prices they 
charged for those items last year, and then those 
reduced prices will be the Every Day prices.

Still sounds like a "sale" to me... 
"Month-Long Values" and then the 
"Best Prices" for all the clearance items.

Now, if you really have a lot of free time 
and just need to know more... 
go to this Yahoo article for more details.


I'd rather you just check out the following link!
Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party 
is now open to all bloggers, not just newbies.

Bunny Jean

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #22

I have been SO busy doing nothing...
or so it seems.

Still trying to ORGANIZE and pack up the last of the Christmas junk decorations. Since it was all still in the moving boxes I thought I better unpack all of it and 
take a look... whether I was going to decorate or not.

Wreath on kitchen door 2009

Good thing I did...

That is where I found my missing set of four bathroom storage bins from the bathroom cabinets at the old house. 
So now I have my curling irons for when ever get up 
the energy or desire to get "all fixed up".
Thanks movers!?! 


Turns out I didn't really decorate too much.
No family came to visit so I didn't even get the tree up.

Just stuck out a few things. Mostly wanted to sort through my stash and downsize it before repacking.


I did manage to use a few of my old wreaths
and bits and pieces from past years to make
a new door wreath for my front porch.


Desert Christmas front porch


I also decorated my back patio...


Buddy likes to sit out there and enjoy the decor.

I got these Cardinals at the Dollar Tree.


I just love their little birdie legs!

So why am I still trying to
pack it pack it all up?!

Because I can't seem to make any decisions on what to keep and what to toss. I also want to organize it in sub categories so I can just pull out the boxes I want next year.

This is just a small sampling of my many boxes...

I even went out and spent a fortune on new Christmas storage bins, and ever smaller clear ones to go inside!
That was my Christmas present to me.

I better just get on with the party
before I have to change the name to
"Bunny Jean's Pity Party".

Hopefully you are not feeling like me...
and have a bunch of great things to share this week.
I need the inspiration!

I do enjoy seeing what you are all up to.
I admit that my comments have been a little
far and few between lately, but I do visit.

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing!!!

Bunny Jean

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party #21

Welcome New Year 2012!

I hope you all had a happy 
and safe start to the new year,
and may this year be your best one yet!

Have you made any 
New Year's Resolutions? 

I am going to de-cluttered my house, 
get organized, and loose 20 lbs. 
Don't laugh... this just might be the year.

Now about the Bunny Hop...

I've been thinking about making some changes. 
I no longer want to feature the three most viewed posts as they were obviously seen the most.

So instead I will just share a post of my own and let you know what is going on in my world.
Lets hope I don't bore you...

This last week in the desert has been gorgeous!
We have had temps in the 80's. 
Please don't hate me.

The Mr. enjoying some golf.

Some random ponds around the golf course.

See the SNOW?!
Yes we have snow... 
but it is way off in the distance!

This is what I see from my patio.
I said don't hate me...

Now please go and have fun at the 
Bunny Hop Party!

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