Sunday, June 6, 2010

We need your Prayers!

(Update at bottom)

 I am a pretty private person but 
our family is in need of your prayers.

You may have noticed that I have been away for a few weeks. Not only have we been in a major long distance move, with Hubby working and living in Palm Desert and me still here in Texas...
we are also having MAJOR life/health issues in our family!

My dear son-in-law, Kevin, is near kidney failure. He was diagnosed with a kidney disease at age 14, and was told at that time he would need a kidney transplant in about 10 years.

 Because of his healthy lifestyle,
he surpassed that time frame
and made it 22 years.

This picture was taken in better times.

He has such a wonderful little family!


This was taken December of 2005. (He is now 36.) 
My beautiful daughter Angie, and their adorable daughter Logan and of course Kevin.

and the VERY BEST DADDY ever!

Logan adores her daddy!!!

Well... early this year it became necessary to start the transplant process.
This is usually a long drawn out process,
but he was VERY lucky that his father was a good match! 

Then came all the tests to make sure his father could actually be the donor.
We were SO sure that Kevin would get his transplant by early summer...

But then they found something.
A  small spot  on his  fathers lung.
Something that requires further testing.

Good thing this was found early, and would not have been had he not gone through all those test.
Bad thing is that he will not be able to donate.
Understandably this has also added to the family health concerns.

All this time wasted!
Now the process starts over!

Kevin is now at the point that he HAS to go on dialysis.
He goes in this Thursday so get an operation to insert a port.
This will allow him to have his treatments at home... maybe.
We hope!

At this time he is feeling a little worse for wear, to say the least.
Hopefully the dialysis treatment will help him to feel better, 
and without too many side effects.

Did I mention that he is still working?
He is a very determined man.
Taking care of his family.

Even though he is extremely tired and very sick at times,
he still needs his income and insurance coverage. 
My daughter is working and going to school... again. 

They are making plans for the long term. 
 After all these transplants usually just last 5-10 years
and then the process starts all over again.

Good news...
I am blood type O!
A universal blood type!!!

That means that I could possible be the donor... if all goes well. 
Hopefully my old body has held up well enough to be of some good.  
(Now I regret not taking better care of it.)

Strange... now it seems more important
for Kevin's health than it was for mine.

I am hoping that I can do this. It has given me a real since of purpose.
Something that I have not felt in some time.

Mothers feel the pain of their children,
no matter how old they may be.

~ ~ ~

Update: August 4, 2011
six months post transplant.

Kevin was lucky enough to get his transplant.
His neighbor of 6 years was a match.

Kevin ( left) and Jace the morning before surgery. Feb 2011.

Kevin is loved by MANY people and
dozens of people offered to be tested. 

Kevin (right) and Jace up and about.

Thank you Jace!

Kevin (left) and Jace back at home.

He and his dear friend are doing great.
Both are now back to work.

Kevin (right) and Jace post transplant!

Kevin recently wrote this on his facebook.

"Today is six months post transplant! The kidney is doing great. The dr.s are still adjusting my medicine but overall things look good. Thanks everyone for your support and especially jace without you i would not be where i am today im forever grateful. And i cant forget my immediate family and extended family who helped raise money that helped pay for the tranplant surgery. Have a great day and dont take your friends or health for granted they can both change so quickly..." Kevin

Kevin is back to his "old self".

I must say that he is looking pretty good again...
Just like the Kevin we have all grown to love :)

Life is precious so enjoy every day!

I was almost brought to tears by reviewing this past year... 
Our prayers were answered and we all 
still have Kevin in our life.

 Bunny Jean

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