Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve in Texas

Morning snow flurries...

A White Christmas is very rare
in the DFW area of Texas.

Still need to finish the tree.

Snow blown against the window turns to ice.

Someone coming to visit?

Come on in where it's warm!

All snuggled in for a long Winter's night...


Edit: fish pond on Christmas morning.


Late afternoon and the ice on the water is melted.

Hard to believe that on the 23rd it was 73 degrees.
(It snowed on Easter Morning a few years ago.)

Not really very warm but at least it's sunny.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Like Coffee? Like Shabby Chic? Then look here...

Seems that no matter where you go SOMEONE has a cup of Joe in their hand...
and it usually has an ugly plain brown cover on it.

Not only is it ugly and plain BUT...
it is also not earth friendly!!

That paper sleeve will be used one time
and then be discarded...

Why not dress up that cup of coffee and get a
super-neat-earth-friendly-reversible and reusable Coffee Comfee™!!!

Coffee Comfee™ cup sleeves are made of 100% cotton
and laced up with a grosgrain ribbon.
Handmade in the USA.


My contribution to Gina's Transformation Thursday
is this plain paper coffee sleeve below...

To this adorable little Coffee Comfee™.

Coffee Comfee™ cup sleeve is sewn to be shabby
and the fraying will not diminish the durability.
The ribbon is heat sealed so It will not fray. 
They are pre-washed and pre-shrunk.

You will love them!!!


Dear  Bloggy Friends,

These are made by my first born.
She has five kids ranging from 21 to 3...
four of whom are still at home.

She is a busy lady!

She supports herself with her e-commerce websites. She is very creative, talented, determined and brave...

I am very proud of her!

These Coffee Comfee™ cup sleeves are her latest creation...
just in time for the holiday season, but they are not just for Christmas.

They are from her Winter Collection... so bright and cheery...
they will help to warm you for the next few months!

The Coffee Comfee™ would make a great gift for a teacher, a grandparent,
a co-worker, a health professional, a troop leader, a coach,
a neighbor, mom, an aunt...

and don't forget you!

Please take a moment to take
a peek at her newest Etsy site.
(Be sure to back click when done)

if you could see it in your heart to
share this on your blog...
it would be so appreciated!

Thank you ever so much... xo


Don't forget to visit Gina to see other great ideas
shared by all the other great bloggers this week.

click here

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Shared with Celebrity Guests!

Update: This post was written when we lived in Texas.

Since my family can't make the long trek
 to Texas for Thanksgiving dinner, 
I have invited some very special company. 
Be sure to check out the place cards. 

You may just be envious!

I just LOVE the colors of Autumn!

I also love all the wonderful goodies in the Cracker Barrels gift shop! 

That is where I got his lovely soup tureen. 

It was 1/2 off, what a bargain! 
They were out of the decorative ladle, 
so I just used one I had on hand.

I also want to point out the 
coordinating window panels. 

They started out as a tablecloth 
for one of my fall tablescapes, 
but thought that they would 
look great on the windows!

I am also sharing this window panel idea in today's Transformation Thursday.

The china hutch has also 
changed it's look a few times. 
It has been very Autumnish or Halloweenie, 
and now it is decked out for Thanksgiving.

These pies are actually candles!

They are highly scented and fill the room 
with the scent of fresh baked pies 
without even being lit!

The best part of all is that 
they are calorie free!

The dishes and napkins are from Kohl's. 
I love the soft buttery color of the dishes 
and the unglazed white edge. 
The soup/salad dish is great for pasta. 
The flatware is from Ross.

These little pumpkins are from Wal-Mart.

The amber glasses are from Tuesday Morning 
and the green glasses are from the Goodwill.

The table runner is from Ross 
and the Sunflower dish is from 
The Cracker Barrel.

The candle is from Hobby Lobby 
and it was a good buy at 1/2 off. 
The chargers/candle plates are metal 
were 1.99 on clearance at Wal-Mart.

These Indian corn candles are over ten years old.
I don't remember where I got them 
but I have seen them in lots of stores 
over the the last few years.

The place card holders are just decorative picks 
that I got at Hobby Lobby for 60-70% off.

Did you notice the guest's name?
He is one of the celebrities coming to my dinner.

No silly... It is not Fred Flintstone!!!

Look closer...

I invited the Ricardo's and the Mertz's 
for Thanksgiving! 

I know Lucy would just mess it up 
and serve a half-frozen turkey 
with the "innerds" left in. 

 I also figured that poor Ethel needed a break.

Looks like they were happy to drive 
all the way from NYC to see us...

Here is the table with the candles lit.
After all, by now it is nighttime...

Look at those cute little
Indian Corn taper candles.

All we need now is the company!

But wait!

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete
without the KID'S TABLE!

Love that tablecloth...
a.k.a. curtains.

I got those little chairs years ago 
for the grandkids.

They are usually in the family room
and scooted up the coffee table.
Great for puzzles and coloring. 

The pumpkin plates, turkey gravy boat, and Turkey Shoot metal sign are from Ross. 

The bird tea light holders are 
from The Dollar Tree, 
and the adorable squirrel 
salt and pepper shakers 
are from The Cracker Barrel.

These pumpkin scarecrows are from TJ Maxx and have been up since Halloween. 

I think they are still good for 
Thanksgiving, don't you?

Boy, that kid's table looks 

smaller than it really is.

This is a better view.

The stuffed turkey (the cloth one) 
is something my Hubby got me years ago. 

It was one of those prizes from 
the "crane" game at the grocery store!


I just love this little melamine set for the kiddies.
Did you happen to notice these place cards?

We have invited Jack and Jill...

Hansel and Gretel already had 
plans at some little 
gingerbread and candy cottage 
in the woods.

Bless their hearts...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving
and be sure to count your blessings...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tablecloth Window Panels!

If you have seen any of my Fall tablescapes
you may have noticed my plaid window panels.

See how they match the
 little round table?

Well that's because they
are actually tablecloths.

Tablecloths come in  widths of 60"
and lengths up to 120" or even more.

I just took curtain rings that
 have clips and attached them
 about 4-5"from the top.

 The standard is about seven
 clips per stationary panel.

It gives a very casual relaxed look.

The size of the tablecloth you
buy  determines the amount of
 "puddle". I haven't even cut them.
Just folded them in half lengthwise.

This is a really inexpensive way to
 get LONG panels that you can
change out for the holidays.


I didn't do an actual tutorial on how
to do this because it is SO simple.
If you have questions I will gladly
answer back here in the comments.

I know that there have been a LOT
of curtains made out of dropcloths
That color just doesn't work for me.

So I came up with this idea... 'cause
I liked the colors in the plaid table-
cloth on the round accent table.

I think it looks real warm and inviting.
What do you think?

Now please go and visit Gina's Transformation Thursday over at The Shabby Chic Cottage.




Some of you may not have heard that I am moving
back to California...

Here I am taking a picture of an area of La Quinta.

This is one of the cities where we are looking to live.

It is is the  Palm Spring/Palm Desert area of California.

Palm trees and mountain views on all sides of the valley.
The mountains in this picture have light snow on them in the winter,
but the valley stays at a moderate temperature.

It is sunny about 360 days a year ( rains 3-6 ") and it does get hot in the summer!

I hope to share more info on my move.
(I have some pictures of the desert)

Just give me a few days as I will be
 very busy getting the house ready.

Once again... Hubby gets to go off first
and I will be left to tie up the loose ends.

Thank goodness for the corporate
moving package... I won't have to do
much, if any packing!

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