Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kids Halloween Party Dishes

Aren't these little witch dishes 
just so cute for a kids 
Halloween party?

I found these dessert plates and cups a few years ago at Ross. 

I also got the hot chocolate tin back then.  I have also seen it out in stores this year . The cocoa is orange!

There are four different figures on each dessert plate and cup.

Little Girl Kitty

Little Boy Devil

 Happy Little Pumpkin

Sweet Little Girl Witch.

I also decorated my hutch.

These felt bags held the party treats. Did you notice that the placemats were bigger bags turned upside down?

Here are some nighttime pictures of the Halloween table.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these cute little dishes!

I am sharing at these parties:
Thank you to all the lovely hostesses :)

Now for my regular blog readers...

You already know that I am a genuinely kind and thoughtful person and share about my life. That is why I have been sharing the link to this fantastic online course 

I want you all to know that I am NOT getting PAID for this. 

I do however get bonus points to use towards additional resources from Dressing Your Truth and Carol Tuttle's other programs. 

My main reason for being so persistent in sharing this is because I truly believe you too may benefit from it. 

More Sharing:

If you want to read why I purchased this course for myself then please read this short excerpt from a previous post.

Hard to believe, 
but I am finally finding my TRUE SELF... 
at the ripe old age of sixty!

Yes, all mothers were once sweet little girls.

I lost who I was in early my childhood. 
I was subtly told who I should be, and being 
the "good child" that I was... I obeyed.

So I have gone through life trying to 
please others and feeling out of place. 
Not being true to myself.

Does this sound familiar?

I think that many of us sometimes lose ourselves as we take on different roles throughout our lifetime. It's like we can all learn how to write with our non-dominate hand... but it is not natural for us and we won't feel comfortable.

To read the rest of this post please read:

Where Have I Been All These Years?

Bunny Jean


Patty (Patty's Pretty Things) said...

What a cute idea for the placemats! Your dishes are so cute! I saw some in the window display at Pottery Barn Kids last night while I was strolling in the mall and had to go in and see them up close. I wanted them but held back. I hope this comment goes through.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Wow! You have really been decorating! It looks fantastic. I love the sweet happy halloween look. Perfect for little Grandchildren. :)

Marlis said...

That is the cutest, most darling table! I love love those dishes. What a fun place to be. You make me wish I were young again. Happy Birthday.. 60 is the new 30 you know.. and I do know what you mean about finding oneself. xo marlis

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Your dishes are just the cutest things! I hope you are happy now and enjoying your life! Your picture is beautiful. Linda

kitty said...

OH MY Gosh, Bunny Jean, those dishes from Ross are the cutest Halloween set ever! What a fun table.

Kathleen said...

Hi Bunny Jean!
This is just darling! Those plates were a great find, and your hutch looks great. My 5 gkids would love to come haunt your house!
Thanks for linking to Let's Dish, itbwas good to see you there!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Bunny Jean, this is the cutest Halloween table! Love all of your decor; and your is decorated beautifully! How fun!!!

The Tablescaper said...

Too cute!

- The Tablescaper

Tea in Texas said...

Cute and Whimsical! I just love the the darling Halloween dishes and you were fortunate to find them. Your total dining table and hutch are absolutely the best decorated setting for Halloween. Just Fabulous!

Thanks, Pam

Marigene said...

You are so ready for Halloween with that fabulous table and hutch! Everything is so festive.

Sarah said...

These little dishes are really cute. I bet your grands love visiting you!

Jann Olson said...

Bunny, I missed this post last week, but I adore your kids dishes! Your hutch and table are just so fun! I am so happy that you have found yourself. Thankful that you have realized that you are wonderful just being you. Your childhood story reminds me so much of my middle daughter. She has always let others tell her what to do and has a hard time standing up for herself. I love her so much and it breaks my heart. Even as an adult she struggles. She is so talented and does not give herself any credit. I pray that she will someday find her true self!

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