Monday, June 11, 2012

New Blogger Glitch!


That's what I said...
or something like that!

I just spent a really long time writing a post. The length of time I spent is my problem, but when I lose it through no fault of my own it is Blogger's problem.

Just a warning to all you bloggers out there. 
Blogger is acting up again... at least for me. 

It started when it refused to place a particular picture where I wanted it. It insisted on putting it at the top of my post! I'll save you the way I got around that... very frustrating to say the least.


When it decided to delete all of my (finished) post... just because I wanted to 'remove' one picture (by using the 'remove' option) then I got a little more than PO'd!!!

 The link below shares how to recover a post. 
 How To Recover A Deleted Post.
However that method only works if you have already published your post. It will also save all the comments from that post!

What issues have you been having with blogger?

Please share any issues and solutions 
as I am sure others will want to know.


I just lost another post!  
It has something to do with removing pictures. 
Also the size of the font keeps changing!

This is Scout, one of my grand doggies. 
He has nothing to do with my post but I wanted to end this post with a cute picture.

Bunny Jean


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Oh my goodness--you know me--love the Grandpuppy!

Peggy said...

Bunny Jean - sorry for your blogging woes but I have to say "if that isn't the cutest puppy ever!!" it!

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

I'm going to knock on wood since I haven't had any issues with Blogger in a while. But that grand doggy should make you feel all better! So sweet!

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