Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beautiful Weather in the Desert!

We have had the BEST weather here in the desert. 
It's been right around 90 for the last few days. 

Considering last week it got up to 109... 
this is like living in paradise.

The Mr. and I are having another stay-cation while he is home for the week. Played a little golf, hit a few restaurants,  and of course I did a little shopping at the SALES!

But I would like to share some pictures of my daughter's and granddaughter's
visit from last year's spring break. 

Here we are sitting around the clubhouse pool.

My granddaughter found something she wanted at Home Goods. She collects Giraffes.
Thank goodness I convinced her that it would not fit on the plane, 
because even at clearance it was 499.00.

So we visited the Living Desert Zoo, 
in Palm Desert, in search of more Giraffes.

This guy just wanted to hide behind a tree. 

She got to 'pet' these animals.

There were wonderful gardens of various desert plants.

There are also beautiful views too see. 
I see those mountains every day, 
but I would much rather see those smiling faces!

What's 'girl time' without a pedicure?!

We also had to 'play' a little, so we went to the clubhouse
and played some Bocce Ball with Grandpa. 

That's Grandpa having fun. 
Yes... that is a smile.

 I think riding in the golf cart with her mom 
was when my granddaughter had the most fun. 

Oh wait... 
It was actually when SHE 
got to drive the golf cart.

We went to the new section of the development 
after the contractors had gone for the night. 

Her daddy had to go right out and buy her a golf cart when she went home.
But, something tells me that he and her mom may have also wanted one.

I would LOVE to move closer and have an 
enormous house where we could gather 
once a month for a big family dinner... 

But in the meantime I will try to enjoy the desert, 
especially when we have days like this.

Another nice view of our golf course. 

Bunny Jean

Don't forget, 
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Marla and Steve said...

What a beautiful family!! You are very blessed.

I am a bit jealous of your warmer weather. It's sunny here today but probably only around 70. Sometimes it feels good to have the sun on our bones and sink in. My middle daughter even turned on our fireplace a couple of days ago. I would take a palm tree any day over cleaning moss out of the patio door frame.

Barbara F. said...

One of my most favorite vacations was when I visited friends in Scottsdale, AZ. I feel in love with the place as soon as I set foot off the plane. I would love to be a snowbird. xo

Barbara F. said...

Oops, I meant to type "fell" lol

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

I have AZ on my bucket list of places to visit. And I would love to visit the Living Desert Zoo to see some giraffes :-)

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How pretty everything looks....so green....not what I think of as desert living. There's not anything better than spending time with the grands!

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

What a lovely family! Looks like you had a wonderful visit.


Pat's Pink Apron said...

Love your photos. Looks like a perfect time together.
Beautiful weather.

Poppy said...

What a beautiful family! Looks like you had a great time together....beautiful pictures! I can almost feel the warmth of the gorgeous sunshine... the Living Desert Zoo looks wonderful, would love to visit there. Your granddaughter is sooo pretty and looks adorable in the pictures.Hugs,Poppy

Ellie said...

I love all that gorgeous sunshine! I lived in Las Vegas for 7 years and can really appreciate the dry heat. I'd love to go to that Living Desert Zoo!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Wow--the weather looks amazing. you have such a beautiful family. Love all the blonde hair! I look forward to a few days of beautiful weather like that--109 in Oregon would kill us all though:) Today was 74 degrees and the humidity was super high. Dry heat would be nice for a change!

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