Monday, December 19, 2011

My Lucky Christmas...

 Here I am with my brand new 
doll stroller and my first cat "Lucky".

I am not so sure he felt like he 
was living up to his name that morning. 
Hopefully I also got a doll...

Joining the Christmas Pet Parade.

I hope your holiday is a happy one!

Bunny Jean


GOOSE said...

BOL! That's a funny picture. Poor kitty.

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Your photo is adorable! I'm certain there was a doll under the tree who was intended to ride in the stroller. But your kitty had to have the first ride!

Hope this Christmas also brings some special memories for you.


G Inspires said...

Love sweet memories!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

That picture is too cute! Love it!

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