Monday, October 10, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood...

What a beautiful weekend in the desert!
It wasn't too hot and not any wind at all.
Only 87 degrees!

This is one of the many "lakes" that we have 
scattered around our golf course.

This is Lindsey!
She came to visit and make
our weekend even more beautiful!

She is my very first grandchild and is moving from the Seattle Area to the Dallas area.
It was the first time in  MANY years the she saw her Grandpa Ed.

She is is just 23 and moving so far from home!
See her cute little doggie? 
That is Chaos.

This is my Buddy. 
Buster is hiding as always... 
whenever the camera comes out.

Buster is very weary around strangers, but he was 
comfortable with Lindsey and let her pet him.
Is really is a very sweet and loving dog.

We love you Lindsey, and stay safe 
on the rest of your trip to Texas! 

Don't drive TOO fast!

This weekend was also my youngest grandchild's birthday. Roman turned 5 on Saturday.

Here we are a few months ago in northern California with our son Marc (31) and his son Roman.

It was also my daughter's birthday.

My greatest wish is to have all of the family 
living  in the same area of the country... 
within a few hours traveling distance.

We have four kids: 41,38,31,31(twins)
And seven grand kids: 23,22,15,10,6,5,5 (not twins).

I think... lol.

Don't forget that the Bunny Hop
linky is up and running on 
Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. 
Pacific time!


Shabby chic Sandy said...

It does look like a lovely weekend and always so great to be able to see family:)

camp and cottage living said...

What a blessing to have your grand
daughter close. I can see the two of you going out to lunch and shopping together. You have an attractive family.
I know what you mean about everyone being scattered about!

Marla and Steve @ Always Nesting said...

Beautiful family!!

Phyllis@Around the House said...

Hi Bunny...thank you so much for featuring me on Bunny Hop...grand daughter is just lovely, you must be so proud...How do you like living in Palm is so pretty there...I used to make victorian santas and sell them to a lady who had a store on El Paseo drive...wish I could remember the name of store...she was so nice and over the years bought many many santas.....thanks again phyllis

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