Sunday, October 21, 2012

You Have To Accentuate The Positive!

Are you feeling positive about 
what is happening in your life?

I hope you are not feeling blue... 
except to share in Smiling Sally's Blue Monday Party!

I have to say that I am feeling so much better!
I have taken on a big  challenge... 
To try and smile all day.

You might ask just how hard can that be. 
Sometimes It can hard to do, but it sure can sure make a difference in your well being.

So click on the picture and it will take you to my new blog... 
and then Bing and the Andrew Sisters will sing you a wonderful song.

Click on picture to visit my new blog and hear Bing sing a great old favorite from the past.

I hope you are having a great Sunday 
and that you have a "positive" week!

Bunny Jean

Sharing at :
Blue Monday


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Smiling everyday is very important--and I try to make sure I laugh out loud at least a couple times a day. This time of year is hard on some people--I am lucky because I love clouds and rain. Keep smiling!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Do you have a Facebook? Was just wondering because I should friend you if you do. Facebook is one place that often makes me laugh--some people post the funniest things!

Sue McPeak said...

Yes...POSITIVE is 'A Good Thing', and Bing sure gave us many good songs to smile about. Lovely Blog...I'm a new follower. I think we have lots in Blogland Common. Come on over to CollectInTexas Gal...I have Blue Buttons...vintage ones to show you. Happy Blue Monday.

Cafe au lait said...

Smiling a lot is good.

My Blue Monday are here and here.

LV said...

It is so nice hearing good music instead of what is being played. Lots of memories with this post.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I am an optimist so being positive is a big thing for me.

Visiting from Blue Monday.
Planes on a Blue Sky is my Blue entry.
Have a great week ahead.

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Congratulations on your second blog! You certainly are ambitious -- sometimes one blog seems a bit much since it can be a significant time commitment to visit and party with other bloggers.

Keep that positive energy flowing.

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