Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!


I know that most of the USA has been suffering
from above normal temps so I really shouldn't complain.

I have been known to be a bit whiny and it has been 117
degrees and just might get up to 120 degrees. 

This is also the start of the monsoon season in the desert
and so there will be more humidity... but very little rain if any.

I am lucky to have a nice cool home with air conditioning
Not like the many people who are really suffering in this awful heat. 

I just feel a bit more house bound than usual
as even walking the few doors down to get the mail makes it hard to breathe,
and walking the dogs is not a good idea as even after dark...  
it is still in the 100's.

I could share some pictures of all this heat
but it would just be of my dead/dying potted plants that I have lost. 
Okay... maybe just one small picture.

This was a Jasmine that never seemed to get put in the ground during The Mr.'s last few visits home. This next week's visit will be no different as we will be staying inside!

I have decided that this would be a good time to go through all those boxes, tubs, and drawers
full of old snapshots and get them organized into those 'old school' photo albums.

I might even take some time and get the Casita decorated.
After all it has been 18 months and I have yet to hang any pictures up.
It's a small one bedroom, one bath detached guest house and is quite cozy.

This is just a small sampling of my many photos. 
I am trying to download them little by little 
but I still need to save the originals.

 I even picked up four more albums at the GW the other day for 3.00 each.
Kind of expensive (even at half off) but still better than buying brand them brand new. 

Wait... these are brand new!

I hope all of you are staying comfortable during these 
Dog Days of Summer.

Buddy knows how to keep cool!

The Bunny Hop Party will be up and running today at 4:00 pm Pacific time.
If you are new and would like to join in the fun you can read how to here: 

I am sharing at these fun parties:

 Bunny Jean


Winnie said...

Bunny Jean - I totally understand you.
It's very(!) hot here as well, and we also suffer from high humidity.

I looooooooooove seeing your dog's photo :)
Btw - my cat just love the heat and doesn't like the A/C (LOL)

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I whined last month when we stayed at 105, but that is not nearly what you have-poor thing. I'd be walking the dog before the sun was up. Maybe you have an indoor treadmill you can let him use, one where there is a/c. BTW, is he a shih-tzu? Buddy is so cute but reminds me of a teddy-bear(shih-tzu/Bichon cross). Have a great evening.
Hugs, Noreen

Kathe said...

During our record breaking temps the last few weeks our JRT Max would love to go outside and stretch out on the hot concrete that faces south and gets now shade! He will lay out there for about 15 minutes, come in panting and want to lay his hot body across my lap!! Silly animals LOL! Try and stay cool Bunny Jean! Is your Casita air conditioned?

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

120! Everyone was grumpy last week in Midland and it was only in the mid-90s. At least you found a fun project. It always feels like you've accomplished something when you get photo albums updated.

Get yourself a tall glass of lemon-aid and settle down to your family photos.


Debbie said...

I am listing all the inside jobs I can do right now too. I thought we were hot, but I will NOT complain since we aren't at 120 degrees!

I love to reorganize my photos, but I always get sidetracked down memory lane.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I cannot even imagine temps that hot! Oh my goodness. Your sweet pup looks like he/she has the right idea. Thanks for hosting the Bunny Hop and try to keep cool! I hope your plants survive!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Yowza, 120 is unbearable! Looks like you will be plenty busy inside.

Shirley said...

Hi Bunny Jean, WOOZA..it sure is hot in your neck of the woods..I thought we were bad with temps in the high 80 low 90..I have two hanging pots that could not survive the heat even with daily watering. I should have moved them to the shade..live and learn..look at all those photo's you have to scan. I know my sister and I have done almost all of ours..what a major job. But, a good one to do during the stay indoors..and they bring back so many memories too! Stay cool and carry on! LOL!

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

If I could, I would send you a little cool from the Pacific Northwest! I love the pictures of your dog, and your post reminds me I ought to organize my photos sometime, preferably soon.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

My gosh you've got every right to feel whiny in 117 degrees! I'd simply keel over.

I've got lots of family photos to sort through and organize too - hope it was a fun distraction for you from the sizzling heat!

Sending wishes for cooler days for you.

Happy Rednesday!

Schotzy said...

WOW, BJ, I'll never complain about a dry 104 again.... isnt it sad to see our plants wither ... they looked so nice just a few weeks ago... My hydrangea is a goner.... Love your casita photos, gorgeous colors. you have given me an idea for a future post.,.. all about organizing the ka-zillion photos I have inherited from my parents house....

Lynn said...

Oh that Buddy is so cute! I visited Debby and learned all about her Debit card dilemma!
I need to do what you are doing with the old photos but I keep putting it off. Maybe I should do it now while it is so hot. It's a nice indoor activity.

Patty (Patty's Pretty Things) said...

I know what you mean by staying indoors. It is a good time to catch up on projects though!

Neabear said...

I hate the heat. I don't know how you can stand to live in a hot place. But I am sure a/c definitely makes that easier. Doing indoor stuff during that time is a good idea. Good luck getting it all organized!


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