Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun at the Beach

I have been thinking about the 

It's just the start (almost) of the summer for most of you, 
but I am ready for some fun in the sun salty sea spray 
of the ocean!

So far we have hit 114 here in the desert and we don't usually get that hot until July-August. I am thinking we might have a REALLY hot summer this year. 

Last year The Mr. was working in San Diego and so he stayed there during the week. It was nice for me to get away from the heat of the desert, so I would load up the dogs and go visit him.

This was taken at the Seaport Village. You can see the bridge to Coronado Island in the background. I will post more about my visits another time.

Today I want to poke some fun at The Mr., it's okay because he never reads my blog...  So this is my revenge.

While at the beach last year I asked him to take some pictures of me, with our two dogs, so here they are.

 Here I am with two dog leashes.

Here I am again with two dog leashes.

 Here is one dog leash.

Here is one dog, but two dog leashes.

So what is my point?

Well I had asked for him to take some pictures 
of me with our two dogs. I sorta expected that all three of us would be in the picture...

None of these pictures have been cropped in anyway. They are also in the order they were taken and they are the only ones. 

Okay, so just a few weeks ago when we went to the zoo, I mentioned to be sure to 'frame' the subject while taking a picture. 

I think I might also have said something to the effect that I take better pictures. I think I offended him... but he'll get over it.

Does your husband/family read your blog?

I have had some of the funniest email on that subject. I think I will post about it later this week.

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Bunny Jean


Shirley said...

Hahahaha..I'm still laughing..this is too funny. NO, my hubby does not read my blog..I have to threaten him just to come to the computer to see something of interest! He's too old fashion..my hubby would have taken 5 full minutes to decide on a picture..just forget it!

Poppy said...

Lol! this is soooo funny, Bunny Jean!My husband doesn't even know the name of my blog!!! Your Mr took excellent shots of you though, I think he was mesmerized by you to pay much attention to other things:) You are too funny!Hugs,Poppy

Barbara F. said...

I would say the hubby has eyes only for you! A couple of good friends read my blog all the time. They can't ever leave a comment for some reason. Then I have a few good friends who could care less. They always want to know what I am up to, I tell them smiling sweetly that if they read my blog, they would know. I get such blank stares. :) xo

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Bunny Jean, you dress just like me when enjoying the beach -- long sleeves and a cap to protect fair skin.

Your hubby focused on the most important feature of the picture -- YOU. Maybe next time you'll need to have the dogs sit right beside you if you want everyone in the same photo.

I don't think anyone I know personally reads my blog. My husband may look over my shoulder to see what I'm working on but he doesn't read it regularly. He does have a shortcut to the blog on his favorites bar, however.

Love Coronado Island so looking forward to your upcoming post! Still wear my Hotel Del shirt even though it has been a few years since we stayed there.


Kathe said...

Oh my I was laughing! Bless his heart he did get pictures of you...and the dogs lol! Mr. B always reads my blog posts!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Too funny! I think my daughter reads my blog, but not hubby.

Jocelyn @

Shabby chic Sandy said...

My Mother and other family members read my blog all the time. My husband I don't think does. But then maybe he does and I don't know. I would read his if he had one!:) Love the pictures of your leashes:)

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

That's so funny! My mother used to cut the tops of people's heads off when she took pictures. We think when she pushed the button, she pushed the whole camera down.

My husband and daughter read my blog, but my son does not. He doesn't see the point of blogging.

Nicole@Show Off Friday said...

That's funny! Great photos of the water though and you of course! It looks like you had a great time.

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