Saturday, February 25, 2012

My New/Old Pantry Makeover

My Pantry Transformation

I hate to say it, but this closet is also from my Texas home.
The one here in my new Desert Home is tiny... 
12 inches deep and has five shelves.

Yesterday I shared my master closet makeover from the Texas home. 
Did I mention I miss all the space we had in our old home?
Downsizing means just that... smaller!

So here is the "old" closet makeover...

This was the way my pantry used to look. 
Don't laugh because I bet a few of you 
have let it get this way too.

The ceiling is WAY high and just look 
at what those pesky builders left me with.
What an ugly light fixture!

Hey... this is my pantry guys... not the garage!

The paint was white... but look how 
dull it was compared to this new white.
 Also I used a semi gloss instead of FLAT!

We used Dutch Boy paint that has Baking Soda 
added to eliminate and prevent odors. 
We = I bought, he painted.

So I got busy. I went to WalMart and got this 
"happy" shelf liner and some double stick tape.


I must have spent 8 hours in this little room, 
measuring, cutting, measuring again and piecing. 
Did I mention that it took 9+ rolls?!

Buy the time I was done 
I was starting to hallucinate!

I needed to make sure that all the checks lined up. 
... 8 long hours with my reading glasses on ...
But just look how nice it is now!

Not laughing now, 
are you.

We The Mr.even replaced the light.
I got this at The Home Depot.
Not only cute, but I can see!

In fact I couldn't turn the light on for the 
picture because it is so bright!

See any difference???
I sure did...
It even smelled new!

                            before                                                                            after  

I am sharing this post at Sarah's party. 
This the theme is Show Us Your Closets.
Thanks for the fun party!

Have a Great Weekend!

Bunny Jean


NM said...

I love the pumpkin decorations-haven't seen that before. You are artistic and creative...I can't even colour-in and stay between the lines!
Best wishes, NM.

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Fabulous job on your pantry. I have those horrible metal shelves where everything slips through...drives me nuts.

pk said...

Wow! It looks great! And I didn't know that you could buy paint with baking soda. Learned something new today.

pk @ Room Remix

Shelia said...

Hey BJ! Oh, what cute Halloweeness. The little wreath is so cute. Wish I could live closer so I could come to your classes. I've always wanted to toile paint!
Now I've seen your pantry and just love how it turned out all neat and organized.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Delightful Dwelling said...

I love the cat wreath so cute!

Your pantry looks great, I love the shelf paper and baskets. I wish I had a a pantry that huge!

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

It's so cheery now! LOVE IT! You've got LOTS of patience to line up that paper... go you! And yes, I will admit, my pantry looks just like your before pic. :-)

fiberdoodles said...

Your decorations are too cute and I love what you did with your pantry! Will you come do mine? :)

Virginia said...

Wow! That is quite the transformation. My pantry would look like your before pictures, if I had a pantry. :(

Joyce said...

How I wish I had a pantry in this house then maybe my counter tops would not always have so much junk on them. Your adorable pumpkin head boo box arrived today and it is adorable. It is so cute. THANK YOU so much. I am doing a Halloween charity breakfast tomorrow and I plan to put it onto the table center stage. Thanks again because as I said on my blog I am the Queen of Halloween:)

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

That looks so cute. The baskets are the perfect complement.

signsoftimensuch said...

Maybe you motivated me to do my pantry in November..yours looks awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!

Pam said...

Well, aren't you fancy. At first I was wondering about you lining up the plaid, but it does look so nice like that. You're making me want to redo my hall closet now.

Michelle said...

That looks awesome, great job!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

I love your petite pantry and the shelve paper is so darn cute I love that too! We do not have a pantry in this home,we had one in the home before this one. I really miss not having one no matter the size. How fun to open the door and see the happy red and white checked paper and brigh light..
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Sharon said...

Looks great ! I used the same paper in my pantry !

Rosie said...

Your pantry is very cute now. All of your labor was certainly worth it.

Judy Bigg said...

Looking good and good tips. Thanks for the post, see you on Tuesday at the Hop.

melissa@joyineveryseason said...

love the pops of red and that red and white check shelf covering is lovely ... well done! i would be peeking in there all day long :o)

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