Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Day in the Life...

smug little me

My days mostly revolve around ... me.... now that I am retired. That's what I call it... my husband calls it "between jobs".  I worked HARD for 3o years raising two sets of kids... that's what a second marriage did to me.

Funny story: My second husband told me he didn't think he could have kids, because they weren't any in his first marriage. That's not the funny part... but this is... I had the "flu" on our Honeymoon. Turns out I was actually three weeks pregnant... with TWINS!
(I know better than to ever get married again...)

You can read more here, about the surprise delivery of my twin boys... and I do mean surprise... up until the last minute!

So when I "retired" after thirty years... I went to work outside the home, for a few years. Then I started my own business (see profile) and worked at home.


Then I found blogging............

My laptop is on my lap 24/7.

The television "talks" to me but I am usually too busy to respond except for the cursory, but polite nod in it's direction. Our evenings consists of  dinner in front of the t.v. (you'll see why later).

I use the term  "watching" t.v. loosely, as my husband is playing games on his laptop and I am blogging.


I felt that we weren't connecting enough with family.
So... I started a family blog! What can I say....

All I ask is one posting a week from each member of the family. All the grand kids can post too! I told them it is like the weekly call home... but it is never at an inconvenient time.

Great idea... we can all communicate and share pictures. But alas, it has to compete with facebook......


I have eleventeengazillion projects in various stages.
Did I mention I am an "idea" person?

The dining room table has only been beautifully set for the "photo shoot". I must add that a typical "photo shoot" takes days and never involves just one tablescape at a time?!

The living room is a maze of merchandise and empty bags. The kitchen table is a drop off point, since it is closest to the garage, and is now known as the "return station".


But... the very best part.... I am having a blast!


Jenners said...

This is exactly what I hope to be like in retirement!!!! And I love the idea of a family blog with everyone participating ... if only my family members didn't scoff at my blogging!!! I bet if they tried it, they would like it.

nannykim said...

Oh--noticed you were originally from Seattle--don't know how you could have moved away!! My son lives there and we plan on visiting him over Thanksgiving. He loves Mountain climbing and does some scarry climbs!! He works for microsoft....I think he should stay out there because it really suits him and he has a great church too. But one day he may move back to SC ....but I wouldn't hold my breath. I guess if microsoft ever has to cut his job then he would may be move---he really loves that area. I think I would too, but I am not sure I could live with so many gloomy days during those Fall/winter months!

Charlene said...

I too live in the DFW area. Rainy days we've had a few. In fact I am getting new shingles today because of the last hail storm... wind & hail damage = new roofs in Texas. Anyway, so I am playing on the computer & ran across your blog. CUTE!! I like it. Love the fact that you are just doing what you like. And grinned about you always being on the BLOGS. Addicting for sure. Just wanted to say hey!

Joyce said...

I never thought of that big pile on the table as the return table but that is exactly what it is:) So I bought a huge plastic bin that I keep by the door last week at target so that I could actually eat at the table and guess what? The plastic container which is huge is filled with what nots and I think I need to now go back to Target for another what not container:) Guilty of playing computer games and blogging infront of our TVs also at night. It keeps me from eating since my fingers are busy typing. Now the flu and twins is a true miracle!

Alicia said...

What a cute post. Sounds like your hands are full and you're loving every minute! Good for you!

Linda Q said...

LOL, your post made me smile. As did your stopping by my blog and visiting and nice comments! Enjoy your "between" jobs and week!!
Linda Q

nannykim said...

Oh you asked or mentioned the birdie tea lights at my spindle cottage blog. I found those in a little shop here in town that sells cute things for the home (and most are under 20 dollars)--these were 5 dollars so not as good of a bargain as what you found!

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